Infrastructuring the Commons? Seminar Nov 7th

The concept of  Commons has been used in very flexible ways to  describe the status of natural resources like water or air, cultural
ones like shared heritage. It has also been recently linked to other social creations like libraries, parks and public space, as well online digital environments. Spanish researcher Antonio LaFuente states that the commons “are a new way of expressing a very old idea: that some things belong to everyone and as a whole, they comprise a set of resources that should be actively protected and  managed”.

• How designers, artists and other practitioners can build upon commons principles?
• What other design principles are needed to support emerging new commons?
• What role does collaborative digital media plays in identifying and enabling those principles?

In the morning will work in plenary session  via a key note speech,  several invited presentations and panel discussion. This part of the program is open and free to all interested. However we would  appreciate if people register to the seminar online in the website

During the afternoon we will break in several parallel sessions.  Participation in this sessions requires sending online a specific contribution to one of the sessions (Caring Commons / Cultural Commons / Urban Commons)

Date November 7. 2013 – 9:00-16:00
Place: Media Factory Auditorium



The seminar is organized by Aalto University, Special Interest Group  in co-p2p.
Funding to organize the seminar has been partly granted by Aalto  University Service Factory
Aalto University Media Factory will host the event