Long night – short films: Short Film Day is coming again on Dec 21st

When the night is long and the day dark, our films are short. Media Factory is proud to announce two screenings of short films at our auditorium as part of the International Short Film Day on December 21st!

During the darkest day of the winter, we will host two open screenings for all film lovers and enthusiasts. Free of charge.

Schedule for Short Film Day at the Aalto Media Factory, Monday 21.12.

Animations for Children at 10:00
(59 min., without dialogue, except the film How The Mole Got His Trousers)

Polle (Horsie), 2 min
Myyrän puuhat: Kuinka myyrä sai housut? (The Mole: How The Mole Got His Trousers), 13 min
Latvialaiset animaatiot: Kauhujen kotikolo (Home Hole Horrors),  7 min
Turilas ja Jäärä: Sadonkorjuu, (from the series Tootletubs and Jyro), 7 min
Myyrän puuhat: Myyrä ja eläintarha (The Mole: The Mole in a Zoo), 5 min
Turilas ja Jäärä: Labyrintti, (from the series Tootletubs and Jyro), 7 min
Keltaisen kirahvin eläintarinoita 2:  Äiti ei siedä koiria, (from the series The sun is the yellow giraffe), 7 min
Rexi-koira 1: Rexi opettajana (Rexi the Dog), 10 min

Comedy Mix at 13:00
(75 min, subtitled in English)

Say Yes and Dance (Sano kiitos ja tanssi)
Script: Antti Pesonen
Director: Antti Heikki Pesonen

A stressed out meat-factory boss tries to find peace of mind amidst a very strange job interview.

The Escapists (Eskapistit)
Script: Niklas Lindgren
Director: Niklas Lindgren

Ville has a new hobby: Larping, which he loves, even though he knows it´s not cool. When the girl of his dreams wants to meet him, Ville decides to keep his new hobby to himself. The date is nevertheless a disaster, until Ville gets help from an unexpected ally.

The Fascist (Fasisti)
Script: John Lundsten
Director: Taneli Mustonen

A parking attendant is about to write a ticket when she gets a lesson in fascism.

Do I Have to Take Care of Everything? (Pitääkö mun kaikki hoitaa)
Script: Kirsikka Saari
Director: Selma Vilhunen

The film is a comedy about a busy morning in a family and a mother who is trying to take care of everything by herself.

Being Human
(Hyvä ihminen)
Script: Paula Korva
Director: Paula Korva

A woman needs to prove to her date that she has a great compassion for those less fortunate.

Behind Curtain (Verhon takaa)
Script: Teemu Nikki
Director: Teemu Nikki

It is a school audition in the 80’s. Mikko is a bad singer, but he has been rehearsing a lot. Especially performing in front of an audience is not easy. Could singing be easier behind a curtain?

Just a Name (Naisen nimi)
Script: Melli Maikkula
Director: Tiina Lymi

Annu, 30, is getting married and tries to decide whether to keep her own name or take that of her fiancé’s. A seemingly small choice gains enormous proportions when Annu’s best friend considers the issue an important question of gender equality, while Annu’s fiancé belittles the matter. A gathering of close friends escalates when traditional and modern worlds collide – and yet, it is just a name that is at stake. Or is it?

The Investigation (Poliisi selvittää)
Script: Pekko Pesonen
Director: Aleksi Salmenperä

A few years ago 16 year old girl claimed that two men kidnapped her and made her sit in the icecold stream for an hour. Policemen doubted the story and desided to reconstruct the situation again. This is the story of policemen in the icecold stream.


For more info:
Leena Närekangas
050 3427114

International Short Film Day is organized in 14 countries. In Finland the main organizers are YLE Teema, Finnish Film Foundation, Future Shorts Finland, Finnish Film contact, Doc Lounge, Tampere Short Film Festival and Euphoria Borealis.