A student video assignment from "Median murros" presented in a high-level seminar

Photo: Wilma Hurskainen

One of the course assignments in “Median Murros” course last autumn, that by Julia Friman and Jesse Koskinen (Group B), was screened in a formal event in Finlandia Hall in Helsinki on 20th April, 2010.

The event was organised by the two central labour market organizations in the Finnish media industry, The Federation of the Finnish Media Industry, Finnmedia (Viestinnän keskusliitto), and the worker’s union TEAM Teollisuusalojen ammattiliitto, to commemorate the first collective labour agreement in Finland that was reached exactly 110 years ago, in April 1900. The printing industry was well ahead of its time in those days and paved the way to collective labour agreements in all industries in our country.

The short film that can still be seen online on the Median murros course page was shown as an example of the transition that currently happens in the media field and inevitably changes not only the media but also work in that field. The video presentation was followed by speeches by the representatives of the labour market organizations, and by philosopher prof. Pekka Himanen, and the Minister of Labour in Finland Ms Anni Sinnemäki.

Well done, Julia and Jesse!

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