Aalto FabLab brings 3D printing to EMMA

Quiet humming and screeching fills the upstairs lobby of EMMA, Espoo Museum Of Modern Art, before the audience walks through the doors and up the stairs. The sound comes from the two 3D printers that are working on small pre-designed models, demonstrating 3D printing to the visitors of the museum.

3D printing station gathered quite the crowd of interested museum visitors at EMMA.

Aalto FabLab of Aalto Media Factory sent over the 3D printers as well as their experts Charlie Banthorpe and Ali Neissi to bring 3D printing close to all museum visitors. And what a welcome they got! The new technology clearly intrigued people, keeping both Charlie and Ali busy throughout the evening.

Aija Pippuri (on left) saw 3D printing for the first time in her life. Ali Neissi from Aalto FabLab answered Aija’s questions about the technology as well as the material used in the printer.

“This is the first time I’m seeing the process of the printing, although I’ve seen 3D printed items before,” said John Calton (on right), who discussed about the commercial possibilities of 3D printing technology with FabLab’s Charlie Banthorpe (on left).

“I’m going to stand here and watch until it prints the head for the dog as well!” swore Silja Toiviainen while concentrating on the printer, which was indeed printing a miniature model of a dog.
“This one is going to be called “Sun”. And Charlie [Banthorpe from Aalto FabLab] promised that next we’ll print a white one!” Silja said.

The 3D printing station at the opening of Pop Art Design –exhibition is the first of the four occasions that Aalto FabLab will be at EMMA this spring. You can catch us during the Children’s Museum Festival on 28.-29.3. as well as at EMMA on POP! –event on April 26th. At both events the printers and our staff will be at the museum from 12-15.00.