Aalto Lab Mexico aspires change with multicultural projects

A good story increases the value of a product. This was the thought that provoked Artesanía para el bienestar –program.

A group of artisans disclosed the stories behind their products, or created products that symbolically told stories of the place the products were born at. The extra money would help people of the community to gain access to the National Social Security System. Knowing that a percentage of the money spent on products would go to a good cause, would work as a motivation for tourists to pay a little more of the products.

Every artisan in Aalto Lab Mexico had a selection of products within the Artesanía para el bienestar –program, and had them labeled with information on the amount of money that would go to the cause when the product was purchased. The aim of the program was to further the Cultural Branding -project of Aalto Lab Mexico.

Artesanía para el bienestar from Antti Seppänen on Vimeo.

Aalto Lab Mexico, like other Aalto Labs, strives to create means for lifelong learning and cultural exchange. Aalto Media Factory’s Seed funding was received to realize the multidisciplinary project.

Aalto Lab Mexico is a collaboration project of Aalto University with Technological Institute of Monterrey, Mexico City Campus, and National Autonomous University of Mexico. The goal of the project is to create collaboration between Universities, companies and cities to work together on sociological issues.

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