Material made by others and copyright

If you want to use material made by somebody else than you in your video, you have to take copyright issues into consideration. The copyright law protects literary and artistic works, for example pieces of music. This means that the author of the work decides about the replication and distribution of the work (the so-called economic rights). The author also has the right to the integrity of the work and right to be attributed as the author of the work (the so-called moral rights). The economic rights and the right to the integrity of the work can be passed on with a contract but the author has to be always credited in a copy of the work. Related rights also grant similar protection to all photographs and all music and video recordings (also performances, tv and radio signals and databases).

Read more about copyright on Aalto’s copyright site.

Creative commons material

The Creative Commons licenses are a way to allow the use of one’s artistic works with certain limitations. You can find a lot of creative commons licensed material on the Internet that can be used for free. There are 6 different licenses with different levels for freedoms of use.

Remember to always credit the authors when using creative commons material and check that the material is free to be used commercially and can be further modified (excludes the creative commons non-commercial and no-derivatives clauses). Notice that that the “share-alike” clause requires that you share your final work under a creative commons license as well!

Where to find music and sound?

Jamendo (music) (music)
Free music archive (music)
Freesound (mostly sound)

Video footage

The Prelinger Archives – Public domain licensed old films from the field of advertisement, education, industry etc. from USA.

Use the creative commons search to find video material. You can also find creative commons licenced material from youtube with the search word ”creativecommons”.

Still images

Use the creative commons search to find still images.
Flickr photo sharing community’s public domain materials.