Ode to simplicity

Case aurora borealis

One of the most watched video on Aalto University’s youtube channel presents the sound related to aurora borealis. It has over 160k views in summer 2013. It is only one minute long and very simple. What explains its popularity?

In our opinion the subject of the video – a somewhat mystical natural phenomenon is already something that interests many people. The topic sparks imagination. The subject is also novel – the sound hasn’t been recorded before even though some folk tales report the same phenomena.

Shortness and simplicity of the video probably also has something to do with the popularity: the video is fast and easy to watch and people like to share it. The video also seems very authentic – it doesn’t try to prove anything extra, it just is what it is: letting us hear the sound and see the very crude black and white research video. The finding of the sound also got coverage in the news media, which helped to build the popularity.

Now that we how our script ready, let’s start the shooting.