Shooting – equipment


Nowadays the videos on the Internet are often in HD resolution and we also recommend taking 720p or 1080p resolution with a good video camera or DSLR. The modern smart phones can record HD video, but the camera sensors, optics and handleability are much poorer compared to a traditional video camera. Shooting with camera phones usually results in shaky and muddy images. Boasting a big camera will also give a more professional impression of the team. Remember to use a tripod at least when shooting interviews.

Whereas a good quality picture is becoming easier and easier to produce with the current equipment, the audio is the factor that really makes or brakes the professional impression of the video. So use good microphones, take them close to the subject, minimize background noise and echo and always monitor the audio levels while recording.

The Aalto Media Factory lends out video production equipment free of charge for Aalto related projects. We also give you guidance in using the equipment and provide short crash courses for example in editing.

The Aalto Snapshots example videos were shot with Media Factory’s Sony FS-700 camera with 1080p resolution and the interviews were recorded with our Sennheiser condenser microphones, using a portable audio mixer. The audio during the action shots was recorded using a condenser microphone attached to the camera. The action scenes were shot in existing light but three LitePanels LED panel lights were used to light the interview shots. During the interview shots the camera was on a tripod whereas most of the action shots were shot with a hand-held camera.

Let’s next see how to frame a shot.