Snapshots elements

Let’s look at the elements that the Snapshots videos consist of:

The opening title animation (length 8 seconds) shows the animated Aalto Snapshots title and below the title of the current video, here the Aalto-1 satellite project.

Interviews (3-4 persons interviewed per video)

Interview with Tuomas Tikka from the Aalto 1 – satellite team.

Action shots – Scenes that show some action related to the project.

Aalto 1: Putting the satellite together.

Aalto 1: Working in the echoless room.

Visualizations – Visual material that illustrates the project, such as for example photographs, sketches, and animations. Here as an example a 3D animation of the Aalto 1 satellite:

Infographics – Graphics and text describing central information about the project. Here’s information about the Aalto 1 project with an action shot in the background:

Music – In the Aalto 1 video, there is one quite minimalistic song playing in the background during the most of the film. The music gives a mysterious outer space feeling to the images. The song is “Snowgeese at Hagerman Wildlife Preserve” ( which is a Creative commons licenced piece from, by an artist called Gurdonark. Read more about using music and copyright in the chapter “material made by others”.

Closing credits – Crediting the crew and the persons appearing on the video. Here is a part of Aalto 1 closing credits with the video crew.

Next we’ll look at reasons for making a video!