What, to whom, where?

The message

What do you want to say with your video? Why are you making it? Clarify the message to yourself. It will help in decision making throughout the process.

Snapshots example: The message of the first three Aalto Snapshots videos could be in brief that “at the Aalto University anything is possible when the passionate students and staff put their mind to it.”

To whom is your video targeted to?

It is a good idea to specify a target group for your video: for example will you target new prospective students or fellow researchers? This will affect a great deal your message i.e. what do you want to say with your video but it will also help you figure out how to say it. For example presenting your project to possible future students or to fellow researchers will probably require a very different rhetoric.

Snapshot example: The snapshot videos are targeted to people inside the University, that want to know what’s happening in the other schools of Aalto, but also to people from outside Aalto. We don’t expect any prior knowledge on the subjects before viewing the videos.

Where to publish?

When you want to reach the right audience, just uploading your video to Youtube or Vimeo isn’t enough, unless your channel already has thousands of followers. And even if broadcasting on national TV isn’t your cup of tea, you should link or embed the video to sites or social media that attract visitors. Try to think of where you could best meet your target audience and post your video there.

When you want to get your message through with a video, publishing it on crowd-attracting sites is a start, but you also need to make the crowd to click the ‘play’ button. Adding an interesting title to your video and choosing a representative still image as the video thumbnail (a still frame to represent the video when it is not playing), will help with that. Keeping your video short will also make it more attractive for viewing.

Snapshots example: The Snapshots videos will be uploaded to Aalto University’s Youtube channel and Aalto Media Factory’s Vimeo channel. The videos will be embedded on Aalto University’s main site  and on Aalto Media Factory’s site. They will be also published on the web sites of the presented projects and on the Facebook page of Aalto Media Factory.

And last but not least, you need to find out who will actually realize the video project.