Who will make the video?

Making your own video is very time consuming and if you aim for a very high-end result it might be more efficient to hire a production company to do your film. The Aalto communications department also has an AV-team that produces videos and you can propose your project for them to realize. This guide gives you some hints for producing your own video by yourself but it can also be of help when commissioning a project with professional production companies.

If you decide to direct and shoot the video yourself, collecting the right kind of crew is essential. In extreme cases you can do everything by yourself but usually having a crew of two or three people will make the process more efficient and the end product better.

If you want to learn more about making a video, attend Media Factory’s crash courses in shooting or editing a video. Check available courses here.

Here are some roles in the video production that you usually need to fill:

Director Is in charge of the quality of the end product, taking the process from the beginning to the end. The director manages the shooting and post-production crew and usually also acts as the interviewer when shooting interviews.

Cameraman Produces artistically and technically good video material. Knows the camera equipment thoroughly. Color corrects the final video after the editing.

Sound recorder
Produces artistically and technically good sound material. Knows the sound equipment thoroughly.

Editor Assembles the final video using the video material shot and material acquired from other sources. Knows editing equipment.

Sound designer Builds and polishes the soundscape for the video from the recorded material and other sounds. Knows sound tools.

Graphic designer Produces graphics and/or illustrations for the video.

Animator Produces animations and/or visual effects for the video.

The producer is typically the initiator of the project and the director’s boss. She/he acquires funding for the project and plans the shootings with the director.

Now you are ready to start planning the production.