Why video?

Watching a well timed, visually impressive video can be a very powerful experience that evokes emotions and changes attitudes. Nowadays there’s an abundance of beautifully made presentation videos on the Web. Are you also considering making a video of your project? First of all, let’s stop to reconsider.

If your project can be exhaustively described on paper you should ask yourself why to make a video at all – what is the added value of making an audiovisual presentation in your case? Could your project profit more from having just a couple of quality still images combined with text? Sometimes a good photo can be much more effective and pervasive online: videos take more time to watch, and hence there is always a threshold to start watching them.

What are the good sides of video then? First of all, moving image combined with sound is naturally a good way of presenting action or something moving in time and space. Video is also a good tool for portraying people, their personality and humanity. Characters on screen have the ability to evoke feelings in the viewer. Ultimately video is an excellent medium for telling stories.

Finding visually interesting material is crucial in making a video. Ask yourself:

  • What kind of action could you shoot that would look interesting?
  • Which kind of intriguing spaces are related to your project?
  • What kind of visualizations does your project already have? Can you make them move in time and space? Sometimes you might need to produce new material with the help of a graphical designer or an animator to make a professional audiovisual product.
  • Who would be the key characters of your video?

After you know why it is a good idea to make a video about your project and start preparing for your shootings, you need to start thinking what is the message of your video, to whom is your video targeted and where to publish it.