AMF Advent calendar is coming!

It’s the time of the year again
That we’d like to play a little game
Why not have fun while we count
The days for Christmas, let’s have a hunt!
We shall hide and you shall seek
What you find you can keep!

The AMF Christmas calendar is coming! Each day in December, up until Christmas Eve, we will hide a prize somewhere at one of the three campuses in Helsinki area – Arabia, Otaniemi or Töölö – and your job is to find it and post a photo on our Facebook-page. Finder’s keeper’s! We will release a hint each morning at 8.00 to guide you to right direction. The hints will be posted on our Facebook-page. Be the first one to find the prize – it’s no fun to end up empty handed!

If you’re familiar with the game from last year’s debut, you know the drill. And of course we have added some new twists to add to the fun! Don’t miss out on the first calendar opening on Monday December 1st!