AMF Christmas calendar goes geocaching

Christmas is coming and it’s time to start counting days. This year Media Factory invites you to participate in our geocaching Christmas calendar.

Each day in December, leading to the 24th, we hide a prize somewhere in one of the three campuses. At 8:00 each morning, we publish a hint for the location of the prize on our Facebook-page. Finders keepers! Make sure you’re the first one in the spot to get to keep whatever you find.

Once you’ve found the prize, come to our Facebook page and post a picture of yourself and the prize on our wall: let us, and all the fellow players know what you found! If you’re camera shy, don’t let that slow you down. You can always just leave a comment on the day’s hint.

Gear up, get ready and challenge your friends! The search begins on Sunday December 1st at 8:00!