AMF Gallery exhibitions on spring 2014

It’s going to be a busy spring at the Media Factory’s Gallery this spring with back-to-back exhibitions.

The spring will be kicked off on February 5th with Briana Romero’s Elämää Suomessa, Life in Finland -exhibition, in which the artwork is influenced by the nature, people and cultures within Finland.

On March 5th the Gallery space is taken over by Rebecca Hirneise and Reference Systems.

“Reference System in a physical sense, is important to measure location-dependent variables. It isolates the measured object from the outer world, to get an uninfluenced result. Therefore, these systems become little separated worlds,” Hirneise describes her upcoming exhibition.

April 2nd we’ll have work by the CS Art Group on Exhibition of Designers’ Artwork Evenings. 

The spring shows will end with John Knight’s Elämys, which comprises prints on nature, place and experience.

Don’t miss The Gallery’s spring exhibitions and stay tuned for more info on each artist and exhibition as well as the opening events.