Aalto on the Move

Photographs, videos and posters by Aalto students

What happens when you cram 100 Aalto students in Trans-Siberian train to take them to China? How about if you take a cruise ship with them to Brazil? And what are the plans for Aalto in Africa?

‘Aalto on Tracks’ and ‘Aalto on Waves’ projects took Aalto to the two opposite sides of the world. They were both student initiated and coordinated projects, organized with enormous passion and effort. The goal was to to build connections to the receiving countries, create an unforgettable learning experience and last but not least – unite Aalto people.

Aalto on Tracks – In May 2010 82 Aalto students and staff members rode the tracks to China through Russia and Mongolia. The main destination was the Shanghai World Expo and Shanghai’s brand new Aalto Tongji Design Factory. During the trip the students completed courses and worked on various projects with company partners – and invented a new kind of Trans-Siberian party culture in the mean time.

Aalto on Waves – In November 2011 110 Aalto students and staff members boarded the Royal Caribbean cruise ship in Lissabon with Brazil in horizon. During the two week long boat ride, besides sitting on the sun deck jacuzzis, the students worked on real-life issues with social impact, for example trying to improve Alzheimer awareness in Sao Paulo slums.

Aalto in Africa is the next Aalto eXperience, taking Aalto to South Africa in autumn 2013 to learn from and co-create with local communities. The application period for the trip is open until 25th of February: http://aaltoinafrica.com/

The exhibition presents photos by Timo Idänheimo and Tuure Laurinolli, posters by Jyri Tuulos and videos directed by Anna Berg, Dimitri Paile and Johannes Söderström, produced by Aalto Media Factory. The exhibition is shown 5.3. – 28.3 in AMF Gallery. Opening party with authentic Tracks’ and Waves’ spirit starts at 17:00 on 5th March.