Behind the limit

Paintings by Anastasiia Ieremenok

Presented paintings are a part of a series, dedicated to the harmonious combinations of colors and shapes in the nature. This is the artist’s philosophical approach to a certain problem in our society. Nowadays we are accustomed to the daily routine, where we rush every day along the path: home­-work-­home. We so rarely stop to look around, to see the life beside us. In these paintings artist proposes to briefly reveal the limits of our regular “boxes”, sneak from behind the familiar comfort zone. Images provoke the spectator to see the consensus of colors and shapes taken from the natural context. There are moments, that a camera is not able to capture, only human mind is.

About the artist:
Anastasiia Ieremenok is a young architect (MArch) and artist of Ukrainian origin, now based in Helsinki. She came to Finland to study in the Wood Program at the Department of Architecture at Aalto University in 2012, then worked as a research assistant in the Chair of Wood Construction. Now she works in the architecture office in Helsinki and paints in the free time.

Before entering the Kiev National University of Construction and Architecture, she have studied in the art school for 6 years, where painting and sculpting skills were developed. Even if architecture was chosen as a main profession, strong passion for painting remained. She had created over than 70 portraits and abstracts for private customers from Ukraine, Italy, Netherlands and Norway. Book illustration and graphic design has also been a part of her experimental path.

She has always tried to keep the connection between architectural spaces and painting. In architecture she prefers wood as a building and decorative material, since it is the most natural and aesthetically pleasing medium. Respectively, in the painting the main source of her inspiration is just nature. That is why, on her opinion, Finland is just the right country for living, with incredibly beautiful nature and wood everywhere!