Between Sky and Earth

Photo exhibition 20 Jan – 26 Feb 2016.

Vernissage 19th of January 17-19:00

This exhibition is a collection of photos from two different series named Between Sky and Earth #1 and Between Sky and Earth #2. The shots may represent architecture, landscapes, or people; most of all they are instants of life, witnesses of particular moments, perspectives, compositions and angles fixed onto the digital camera. They capture singularity. Singularity that participates to the richness of our social environments. Singularity that provokes our understanding of reality.


Zita Floret was born in 1987 in Paris from an Austrian mother and a French father from large bourgeois family descent. She spent her childhood between an older brother captivated by history and submarine life and a younger sister with an expressive imagination. In the holidays she cherished the times surrounded by a flock of cousins running free in the family’s huge property in Normandy.

Zita graduated from high school in 2005 and went on to study her bachelors of Architecture at the TU Vienna, in Austria where she also competed at international level in Rugby sevens.

In 2011 after a year in London she moved to Finland to pursue her architecture and creative sustainability studies at Aalto University. Her discovery for the magic of photography is very recent. Mostly Zita is interested in capturing singularity in everyday life, and places, she visits and lives in. She looks for the moments and perspectives where things are unbalanced, strange or not aligned or in strong contrast and she fixes them on the camera. Taking pictures becomes like a meditation and the camera the tool to capture these instants.