Elämää Suomessa (Life in Finland)

Paintings by Briana Romero

Briana Romero’s exhibition Elämää Suomessa (Life in Finland), has been influenced by the nature, people and culture within Finland. In the artist’s own words, most of her artwork is expressive, and comes not only from her imagination, but also from subconscious observation.

Romero chooses to paint most of her artwork based on a certain emotion, mythology or the natural rhythm of nature.

“I think in many ways Finnish culture and society strives to contain emotion, and releases it in the form of productivity or to internalize feelings,” Romero says.

She continues: “To some Finland may seem like a country that does not express emotion, but to others like me the emotions seem stronger here, more vibrant, authentic, and more thick with complexity. I believe emotion is an expression and is held and shaped by the individual.”

The artwork of Elämää Suomessa (Life in Finland) arises from emotion and observations about Finland.

“My artwork does not attempt to depict the outer surface of Finnish culture, but the inside elements that build character of the individual, who is shaped by the nature of society and the physical environment.”


Romero was born in San Mateo, California and began drawing and painting at a young age to tune out of reality, and tune into the different levels of existence. Like many Americans she comes from a mixed racial background and from a family divided by continents and languages.  Upon coming to Finland it did not feel strange because home never just felt like one place for her. This has prompted her to travel and to believe that through visual art we can communicate where verbal communication cannot.

During her studies San Jose State University she then traveled to Finland as an exchange student to study environmental science at Helsinki University.  Her artwork since then has become more influenced by the natural environment of Finland and nature in general. Her artwork is always existential, expressive and attempting to cross the lines of reality and emotion. She is a master’s student of design in Creative Sustainability and strives to create design and art that is sustainable and meaningful. Her specialization in design includes, service, graphic, and conceptual.

Some of her hobbies include participating in the Savate Club in Helsinki, learning foreign languages, dancing, cooking Spanish and Italian food, and going to sauna.

Visit Romero’s website to see her previous work.


You are welcome to the exhibition opening on 4.2. at 17:00-19:00.

The exhibition is open on weekdays at 9:00-16:00 until February 28th.