Exhibition of Designers’ Artwork Evenings

Drawings and paintings by the CS Art Group

The idea to organise own artwork classes rose from the students wish to practice their artistic skills in both drawing and painting. Unfortunately, due to both tight schedule and high demand among students, it was almost impossible to register for the actual drawing and painting courses organised by Aalto University. Luckily drawing rooms were free to use in evenings, which made it possible to start our own artwork classes.

These events, first of all, work as an art therapy by giving a chance for students to relax in a creative process after a tough studying day. But also this is an opportunity to develop personal artistic skills, experiment with different techniques and also make new friends from other study programs.

This is also a good possibility for students to practice their creativity. Because creativity cannot be planned or managed, it is a spontaneous skill which can appear only through the practice. One should be totally engaged into a process of actual creation as well as be brave enough to take a risk while carrying out an experiment, if he/she wants to come up with something really original and innovative. All these skills can be trained the best while being one on one with a sheet of paper or a canvas.

I am not sure, if anyone can be an artist, but anyone can be creative for sure, especially if they are provided with a right environment and opportunity. And this is what Artwork Evenings are aimed to do.

About the group

CS Art Group is a bunch of Creative Sustainability students and their friends from other Aalto University programs, who are gathering together twice in a month to slow down and dedicate their time to both painting and drawing. Each participant is free to draw or paint whatever he or she prefers, though usually students either sketch human figures or experiment with paint while listening to the music.

The Group is a movement, which has no mandatory membership, is constantly changing and totally open for everyone who would like to spend their evenings dived into a simple creative process, regardless their artistic skills. Most of the students have background in design, business or architecture, but also in social science and new media.

This exhibition will display art pieces which were painted during the musical sessions. The techniques used are oil on canvas or cardboard and acrylic on canvas or cardboard.

The CS Art Group was initiated by CS design students in February 2013. Since then the Artwork evenings are held in Arabia Campus (former Taik).

More photos from Artwork Evenings can be found here http://www.flickr.com/photos/93773639@N05/