Here and Now

Oil paintings by Kia Taegen

The urban spaces; lights, reflections and the dynamics have always fascinated me. In my own work I have tried to catch these special moments, the motifs and atmospheres of a city. By analy- sing these themes in different metropolises, you notice the slight difference in the colours, light and people’s behaviour. In the recent years I have been studying in my paintings the several cities such as Helsinki, Berlin and London. Although every painting has rarely the same motif, everyone has its very different atmosphere.

The dynamics are most of all represented in the Voyager-series. The speed of a train and the all along changing landscapes. The paintings are dealing with the contrast of dynamic and calmness, the contradiction between the fast changing views in the front and the calm and steady horizon in the back. The vivid feeling of facing new or familiar places and landscapes.

-Kia Taegen-

Kia Taegen studies in the Department of Architecture in Otaniemi Campus. She has also studied art under the artists Kari Cavén, Irmeli Hulkko and Ipi Kärki.

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