In Spaces

Photographs by Susana Rojas

Places, either natural or manmade, exist in a particular space intact and concrete. The difference lies in the individual and momentaneous perception of the spectator. Even if two people find themselves on the same place, at the same moment, they will never have the same experience. These images reflect exactly this idea, showing that each individual is his own world. Experience does not rely only on what our eyes allow us to see, but on everything that surrounds us, the smell, the textures of the ground, the sound or lack of sound, the wind, the temperature and also all of our past, what brought us here and now, the mood in which we are in and above all the ability we each have to appreciate what is presented upon us. As a mere beginning to show that there’s always more.

-Susana Rojas-


Susana Rojas was born in Mexico City.  She has been an architecture student since ’09.  At the moment she is taking part of the Wood Program 2012-2013 at Aalto University. Susana is interested in nature and people separately  and their unavoidable connection to one another. She has studied analogue photography on ’08 and since then have been curious about different techniques. She took her first 360 photograph 57 weeks ago.