Drawings by John Knight

My work and the title of this exhibition have one central theme – the nature of experience. In various ways I have always been fascinated by capturing the feeling of experience whether it relates to a specific time or most usually place. This is why situation is a recurring theme in my work and for this exhibition I have themed the works from both past and present around 5 semi-mythical locations that are important to me now and have influenced me in the past. Firstly, in chronological order; Albion the place of my upbringing and has shaped my outlook and customs, then there is Europa a landmass that holds the promise of the exotic. America was central to my cultural experience in everything from music to painting while Iberica is again a place of dreams of another country. Nordica is the final place to have imprinted itself on my consciousness and as well as works relating to these lands I also recording my words and commentaries in a new conceptual work – Elämys.


John Knight is an exhibiting artist based in the UK. He studied Fine Art at Prifysgol Cymru from 1983 to 1986 in Wales under Telematics pioneer before previously studying at Watford College of Art and Design. Continuing his creative practice into design, John studied at Guildhall University, Birmingham Institute of Art and Design before embarking on Doctoral studies at Aalto University of Arts, Architecture and Design. John has exhibited his work in the UK including shows at the Morley Gallery in London, St Pauls and The New Gallery in Birmingham and at the museum in his hometown of Watford.