#MAT1236 – police violence in Greece

Photographs by Greek activists

Angela Merkel visits crisis-ravaged Athens in October 2012. Streets fill with protesters. A police officer in full riot gear grabs a young woman and uses her as a human shield as he advances through the crowd.

The officer’s ID tag identifies him only as MAT1236. We don’t know his name: the hostage incident never leads to charges.

#MAT1236 is a photography exhibition that documents Greece’s escalating police violence. The image of the nameless officer holding a young woman hostage has become a symbol of the disappearance of trust between citizens and law enforcement in Greece. This open exhibition has already been presented in 3 other countries and arrives in Aalto Media Factory in May.

The opening event of #MAT1236 on May 2nd invites guests to think about Greece, Europe, and police violence. What happens in a society where citizens are afraid of the police? What happens the next time you need to take the streets in protest?

The role of the Media is crucial but citizen journalism has the first role in reporting police brutality.

As a part of the opening there will also be an discussion on the topic. Participating: Chief inspector Thomas Elfgren, FIIA researcher Teemu Sinkkonen, author Mikael Brunila, journalist Pertti Pesonen from YLE and Jussi Förbom, chair of Amnesty International Finland. The discussion is moderated by author and journalist Hanna Nikkanen and the exhibition will be presented and the discussion opened by Greek activist Anna Gartagani.

Join us!

Opening 17:00-19:00, 2.5.2013 in Aalto Media Factory

The exhibition is open on weekdays at 9:00-16:00 until May 31st.