Migration and Contagion

Photo Collages by Gianluigi Biagini

My art is political and provocative and tries to redefine the spaces where is made or exhibited. I would say that I am a transmedial artist. I produce a media rhizome to make emerge a work in process. In this process i’m driven by my avatar that is a performative character. I don’t define myself an artist but an “anartist”. My avatar is a superposition of two series: the black bloc anarchist and the shaman. In fact, also if my art contains a certain symbolic violence, it comes out with a sort of chaosmagic process that concerns a sort of heroic re-enchantment of life. The “anartist” remodulates the phylum of the capitalist  medium in which he is embedded. This desiring and non-ideological activity of the “anartist” creates the “Heteron”, a de-institutive out-istic rhizome between the “Capitalism” and the “Common”.

-Gianluigi Biagini-


I’m 44 years old, I come from Italy. I escaped the financial and economical crisis investing all south europe’s countries to come to live in Finland. I had to start my life from scratch, also my wife who is finnish didn’t know anyone anymore here. I met a lot of difficulties here, a lot of solitude and frustration, and after more than 3 years I’m still unemployed. In my art (if can be so defined) I express problematic concerning directly my life. Migration, in wide sense, and capitalism. Finland is a country that don’t like politics, people want to solve their problems  just in the sphere of the social. I instead present a radical alterity in my artworks. A difference that cannot be integrated in an holistic design. I hope that with my symbolic violence I can open traumas and fissures that can make people think. If this should not happen it’s ok anyway. My research in the department of art concerns the theme Capitalism as medium. Unfortunately I cannot follow many lessons because I’m in Kela and if I take to many credits they cut me the money to survive. I find this completely unjust but nobody seems to care here about this paradox. I have exhibited in galleries and museums, and festival, but I prefer to work in public spaces or non conventional spaces with no authorization and limits.