Phoneme and Image

Illustrations by Martha Khrshanovskaya

Originally made for the book, the series of illustrations is an attempt to realize the connection between written language and images. The way we perceive the text and the way imagination interprets the written language.

Writers and poets materialize and memorize the visual and verbal in text using the language. They express the ideas and feelings in fictional and real stories, poems, novels. Finally, readers will interpret the text in totally different ways.

The question is how an individual person can interpret the text and create own images based on personal life and own imagination, using other´s written text. I have tried to answer the question from the view of the illustrator, relying on my own interpretations derived through the reading of the book.

Illustrations are not primarily based on the content of the book. My relation to the book as a reader merges with my personality and the work of an illustrator. Silhouettes present some moment and the poems set up the description. But it is only some forgotten words and unclear images. Images present some moment ruining it at the same time showing the transience of life and meanings.

During the work on the illustrations, I was thinking, that we put so much effort to express ourselves in verbal or written language. Finally, we don´t remember our words, we don´t remember about what we had been thinking, our dialogues or inner monologues. It is only contours of the moment and some forgotten words.

-Marta Khrshanovskaya-