Slightly Wild

Paintings by Hesam Pakbeen

Born in Tehran, Iran, Hesam grew up in the social complexity after the revolution in Iran and the war between Iran and Iraq. “My childhood was a combination of fear and joy, and I am stilling holding it as the inseparable part of me” he says. Inspired by Expressionism and Fauvism “Slightly Wild” reflects joy and fear and the contrast of the two elements creates the relation between the art and the viewer. While colors and texture represent the flow of life, the composition of the elements speaks for angst and dread.

About the artist:
Hesam  Pakbeen  (M.A.) graduated from University of Art, Tehran, in Industrial Design. He is currently studying at Aalto University, School of Arts and Design, Helsinki. Living and studying in Finland provided him with the opportunity to express his feelings by various arts such as short films and paintings. Previously, he participated in a group painting exhibition in Helsinki, 2014. “Slightly Wild” is Hesam’s first individual exhibition that includes a number of his recent paintings.