The Chimes of Deadwood and Life on Agar Plates

Sound installation and yeastogram photographs
by Kirsi Ihalainen and Johanna Rotko

Unique forest sounds and soundscapes that make deadwood resonate are exhibited together with photographs of yeastograms and other agar plates in AMF Gallery in Helsinki 29.10. – 21.11.2014. Welcome to the opening on 28.10.2014 at 17-19.

Sound installation is called Finnish Forest Frequencies. Photograps are an selection from a project called, Vanis- hing Images -Yeastograms and Agar Plates. May 2014, these projects were exhibited in Spiral Hall, Tokyo.

The sounds recorded at the Finnish forests have been analyzed and according to this information their domina- ting frequencies have been selected. These frequencies are played back in the installation through audio channels within the wood: the sounds will come from inside the wood. Together with the wood the frequency sounds will recreate a space sounding like a Finnish forest.

Photographs are from an artistic research done with different types of growth mediums that are used in basic microbiology. Raster images are exposed onto cultivated yeast with Ultraviolet LED and fluorescent lamps. Also other growth mediums has been photographed. Since January 2014 different growth mediums has been explored and progress has been photographed and recorded. In every sense of the word, the project is alive.


Kirsi  Ihalainen  is  a  sound  designer,  sound  artist  and  an  audio  engineer  from  Helsinki,  Finland.  She  is currently studying  Master  of Arts  in Sound  in New  Media  at Media  Lab in Aalto  University.  Her  sound design expertise  is mainly concentrated  in creating  sound installations,  audio for games, and interactive audio interfaces for different multimedia. More information can be found on mySound Kirsi Ihalainen website at


Johanna Rotko  is a visual artist and a photographer. She is currently based in Helsinki and studies Master’s Degree in New Media in Aalto-university (ARTS). Her work exp- lores her relationship with nature, perishableness and disappearance of matter. Rotko´s work has been exhibited for example in Tokyo and Paris.