AMF seed funding brought food-workshops to Foodycle

New food festival, Foodycle, took over Viikki and Suvilahti in September 2013. The multidisciplinary project brought together artists, designers, scientists and of course consumers, to search for the future’s food culture.

The festival was built around sustainability and food culture, and the panel discussions on the 2nd day of the event had three themes: the meat production, food waste and the overall culture around food in Finland. The goal was to create a platform for discussion about sustainable food consumption.

“There seems to be a big gap between practices: scientists rarely talk with designers and laypeople rarely get to talk with scientists and so on. We wanted to bring all these people together,” says Lee Seungho, who was part of the project group.

The event consisted of a farmer’s market as well as food related workshops where the visitors could for example learn how to make sausages. For discussion the event included panels with participants with different backgrounds.

The group will continue with the project and Foodycle may very well become an annual festival. Seungho already has ideas how to make the event better next year:

“It seems like people who attended the farmer’s market were different from the people who participated in the panel discussions the second day. I think these should be arranged differently so that people get the whole experience.”

Aalto Media Factory’s seed funding participated in realising the project.

“The Aalto Media Factory funding made the workshops possible. It also gave me the freedom to really focus on this project,” Seungho says.

Media Factory’s Open Call seed funding is available for multi-disciplinary projects, and can be applied for at anytime. More info on the seed funding can be found here.

Kuva: Tuure Parviainen