Apply now for AMF Seed Funding!

Great ideas are the root for great innovations. But great ideas do not develop into innovations without help, they need to be fertilized and fed. AMF seed funding is an action which aims to breed innovations from ideas rooted in the field of media. The AMF has earlier granted funding for the development of over 60 ideas. Among them are the PackAge courses, the Photomedia One conference, AtWink – mobile application which copies drawings from paper via pen to the web, Ruis-Reality-based User Interface System, Enactive Avatar in Feature Film Production, the Human Design or Evolution – lecture series, and many more. Proposed concepts can include technology development, business, media or art. The common characteristics for seed funded projects is that they have an interdisciplinary nature and that more than one Aalto department cooperates in a substantial manner.

Aalto Media Factory funding can now be applied for at any time, without deadlines. All faculty members of Aalto University are welcome to apply. If you have an idea that needs some breeding, you are always welcome to discuss about it with us. Find the instructions for proposals on our Funding and Projects – page, but note that it might be good to start by first contacting us for some consultation, even before sending a proposal. AMF seed funding is available for registered faculty members of Aalto University, as well as for the benefit of students and other staff.