Animation Breakout presents the newest of the new in animation on May 5th, 2014

The 1st Animation Breakout seminar will take place in Helsinki on May 5th, 2014. The one-day seminar welcomes students, researchers, designers, practitioners and educators to discuss new trends, projects, innovations and research in the field of animation.

The seminar will focus on interactive animation, animation in games, information graphics and digital distribution of short animations. Several speakers will share their knowledge and provide interesting points of views on animation design, technology and production. The keynote speaker Stuart Aitken, who is an award winning CG supervisor and director from Axis Animation (UK), will talk about the convergence of animation and games: CG Animation for Games – Making trailers and Cinematics.

As a part of the programme there will be an open stage that will give the audience the possibility to pitch their ideas and help to them find collaboration partners. If you would like to get your three minutes on the stage, send us an email request for an invitation.

The seminar is open to anyone interested in animation. There is no admission fee.
For more info and registration, please visit the website.

The Animation Breakout is organized by Aalto University in collaboration with Finnanimation and Cartoon Digital Conference, being held in Helsinki on May 5th -7th.

Leena Närekangas I Producer I I 050 342 7114