Arctic research and cloud technology at the next Researchers’ Breakfast

You are warmly welcome to join us for good breakfast and interesting talks at Aalto Service Factory on Feb 10th.

The topics of the morning are: Living, Moving and Doing Research in the Arctic by Svetlana Usenyuk. She will start at 9.00 and around 9:40 Aleksandre Asatiani will continue with Implications of cloud technology on the management of the professional services.

The event is open also for people outside Aalto University. Breakfast will be served from 8.30 to 10.30. In order to have enough coffee for everyone, please sign up for the event HERE.

The Researchers’ Breakfast is organized in collaboration with Aalto Factories (Media, Design, Service and Health as well as Research Institute (Aalto ARTS) , Research support services and International Relations.

At 9.00
by Svetlana Usenyuk
Department of Design
School of Arts, Design and Architecture

The presentation will share some insights on people and technology behavior in the extreme environmental settings of the Arctic, collected during my postdoctoral period in Aalto University, 2011-2014. By observing different forms of mobility encountered in today’s Arctic, I explore how challenging environmental conditions, scarcity of permanent roads, malfunction of modern transport technologies, etc. evoke people’s creativity as technology users. By observing the best local practices of working and living ‘on-the-move’, the research – in a long-term perspective – informs the process of developing and inhabiting the Polar Regions. Apart from practical value of the field data, the presentation will shed light on the methodology of the ‘research-on-the-go’, i.e. a real-time exploration of various forms of mobility in extreme environment that forces researchers to become correspondingly mobile.

At 9.40
by Aleksandre Asatiani
Aalto University Service Factory

Cloud computing is bringing changes in the ways people work across many industries. Knowledge-based professional services, such as accounting and consulting are especially susceptible to such changes. Cloud computing dramatically improves information management, enables for real-time collaboration over long distances, and brings customers closer to the service providers. These create new opportunities and challenges for service providers in developing their services. In this research we are looking for the ways, cloud technology is changing accounting services and role of accountant in the companies using cloud-based information systems. We highlight biggest signs of change and propose the model for professional service management in this new, rapidly developing environment.

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