Autumn 2011 Open Call

On 1st November 2011 the Aalto Media Factory launches its Autumn Open Call to the Aalto University community. Doctoral and masters-level students, as well as academic staff, once again have the possibility to propose projects and new media related initiatives for AMF seed funding. The projects can include elements from research, education or other activities. The purpose of the funding is to enable novel multidisciplinary activities which are not covered financially by existing basic or other budgets of Aalto university.

A special emphasis for this Autumn’s open call will be given to projects that attempt to utilize the potential of the AMF’s new premises at Arabianranta as a place to meet, work and experiment. How could you exploit, for example, our new FabLab, a facility for small-scale personal manufacturing and construction of media-related prototypes?

One of the important research topics, for example, could be the potential economic and social benefits brought about by the emergence of personal manufacturing technologies.

Proposals for all relevant projects within the broad field of media will be considered.

The four main criteria must be met:

1. True cooperation involving two or more departments or units. (Failure to fulfill this point has been the cause of most of the rejections in the earlier open calls).

2. The extent to which the Media proposal aims at introducing new actions, operations, practices etc. within Aalto.

3. Feasibility of the proposal to be successful (Work plan and resources).

4. Comparison with other proposals.

Please check the other criteria from here:

Deadline for the call is 30th November 2011.

Decision on the next phase of the negotiation process will be given within two weeks of the deadline.

We will gladly give advice to potential proposers in advance. Please contact Juhani Tenhunen (tel. 050 5184087 email: firstname.lastname [at]

au·tumn: The third season of the year, when crops and fruits are gathered and leaves fall, in the northern hemisphere from September to November and in the southern hemisphere from March to May

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