Art exhibition opening Tue 25.11. Welcome!

Welcome to this year’s final exhibition opening at the AMF Gallery!

Our fall semester is getting a grande finale with  Mathematics Comics Novel –exhibition, displaying drawings by talented Pedro Aibéo. The opening is held at the Gallery on Tuesday November 25th at 17-19.00 and the event is open for everyone. Join us for a glass of bubbly, to admire Aibéo’s drawings, which are part of the book “this is not just mathematics” published in 2012 in Portugal.

Read more about the work and the artist HERE.

AMF Gallery: The Chimes of Deadwood and Life on Agar Plates exhibition opening on Oct 28th

Unique forest sounds and soundscapes that make deadwood resonate are exhibited together with photographs of yeastograms and other agar plates in AMF Gallery on 29.10. – 21.11.2014.

Welcome to the opening on 28.10.2014 at 17-19!

For more info:

Rintakuvia – Busts at AMF Gallery 3.-26.9.

Cancer sounds scary, sick and pain-like. Breast cancer sounds like a loss of femininity, mutilation and ugly bra.

Artist Tuula Bergqvist has made her professional career as a teacher of design and fashion. In her art pieces she explores her own cancer-related, material-physical process. How has the process influenced her own life? Does it have a wider cultural or political significance?”

For more info:

Welcome to the opening of the exhibition on 2.9.2014 at 17-19!

AMF Gallery opening: Exhibition of Designers’ Artwork Evenings

Welcome to the opening of Exhibition of Designers’ Artwork Evenings on Tuesday April 1st at 18:00!

A group of students from the Creative Sustainability programme wanted to practice their artistic skills but couldn’t fit the actual art classes in their tight schedule. Luckily they were able to use the empty drawing rooms in the evenings, and so the CS Art Group was born.

The informal artwork classes has worked as a therapy for the students – offering them a place to come and relax after a busy day and concentrate on the creative process. The students have been able to practice their creativity and experiment with their ideas in a laid-back environment. Now the group is exhibiting their artwork at the AMF Gallery, and you are invited to join us for the opening.

Read more about the CS Art Group and how the artwork was born on the exhibition page.

Reference Systems opening gathered a crowd

The opening event for AMF Gallery’s new exhibition, Reference Systems, gathered a nice crowd  at the Gallery on Tuesday evening.

Hirneise had been working around the Gallery for a few days on mounting the exhibition, and on Tuesday the work payed off with a great turnout of guests at the opening event. The atmosphere was relaxed. The Gallery was filled with chatting and discussions about the artwork, as Hirneise told some of the stories behind the photographs presented at the exhibition. Some already asked about buying a piece for their own collection – all of the photographs are for sale.

The exhibition is ongoing until March 28th. Unlike at the opening, we can not promise that there will be chocolate cake, but we can promise an enjoyable art exhibition.

AMF Gallery opening: Reference Systems

Reference Systems by Rebecca Hirneise is coming to the AMF Gallery. We are inviting you to the exhibition opening on March 4th at 17:00-19:00. The exhibition will be open on weekdays at 9:00-16:00 until March 28th.

As opposed to the consumer behaviour of today’s society, in her work Hirneise looks for the simplicity in the everyday life. She shows how ordinary, “boresome” people and objects can actually be interesting.

Hirneise is a German photographer and film director. In her photography work, she focuses on the daily life, takes pictures of friends, objects and foreign people to show how beautiful an ordinary life can be. In 2013 she moved to Finland to study film directing as a one-year ERASMUS-student at the Department of Film, Television and Scenography at the Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture in Helsinki.

More info about the artist and the upcoming exhibition can be found at the exhibition page.


AMF Gallery became alive at Elämää Suomessa (Life in Finland) opening

Elämää Suomessa (Life in Finland) exhibition opening gathered a nice crowd at the AMF Gallery on Tuesday evening. The artist Briana Romero was kept occupied throughout the evening in discussions about the artwork and stories behind the pieces. Some of the pieces were born at her home, California after her first longer period in Finland as an exchange student, and some more recently here in Finland.

All of the artwork is inspired by the people, nature and culture within Finland. Romero concentrates mostly on emotion and her artwork rises from her observation of Finland’s emotional atmosphere and cultural attitude towards emotions.

The exhibition continues until February 28th. AMF Gallery is open on weekdays at 9:00-16:00. Free admission.

AMF Gallery exhibition opening 4.2. 17-19:00

AMF Gallery’s spring will be kicked off with Briana Romero’s exhibition Elämää Suomessa (Life in Finland) in which the artwork is influenced by the nature, people and culture within Finland.

You are invited to join us for the exhibition opening on Tuesday February 4th at 17:00-19:00.

Romero has a Bachelor degree on Fine Arts from the San Jose State University. During her studies San Jose State University she then traveled to Finland as an exchange student to study environmental science at Helsinki University.  Her artwork since then has become more influenced by the natural environment of Finland and nature in general. She is currently pursuing a Masters of Design in Creative Sustainability at Aalto University. She has a background in digital design, information sciences, art direction and exhibition design, with seven years of experience of cross-disciplinary work.

More info on the exhibition at the AMF Gallery and the artist herself can be found HERE.

The exhibition is open on weekdays at 9:00-16:00 between 5.2.–28.2.

Directions on how to find us on this page.

AMF Gallery exhibitions on spring 2014

It’s going to be a busy spring at the Media Factory’s Gallery this spring with back-to-back exhibitions.

The spring will be kicked off on February 5th with Briana Romero’s Elämää Suomessa, Life in Finland -exhibition, in which the artwork is influenced by the nature, people and cultures within Finland.

On March 5th the Gallery space is taken over by Rebecca Hirneise and Reference Systems.

“Reference System in a physical sense, is important to measure location-dependent variables. It isolates the measured object from the outer world, to get an uninfluenced result. Therefore, these systems become little separated worlds,” Hirneise describes her upcoming exhibition.

April 2nd we’ll have work by the CS Art Group on Exhibition of Designers’ Artwork Evenings. 

The spring shows will end with John Knight’s Elämys, which comprises prints on nature, place and experience.

Don’t miss The Gallery’s spring exhibitions and stay tuned for more info on each artist and exhibition as well as the opening events.

Aalto Lab Mexico Pop Up -shop at Media Factory

Aalto Lab Mexico’s Pop Up -shop has taken over the Media Factory for this week. Come take a look at the products and order your own before Christmas! All products are handmade on order by the artisans of 20 de Noviembre in Campeche, Mexico. The shop is part of a crowdfunding for the Eco-Hostel -project.

The video below will let you see behind the process:

Artesanía para el bienestar from Antti Seppänen on Vimeo.

More on Aalto LAB Mexico and their projects, see their website.