"How do we unleash the creative potential through entrepreneurship?" workshop 15th Oct

A One-Day Workshop at the Media Factory for Educators and Education Planners in the Creative Fields
Welcome to a one-day workshop in the intersection between creativity, design and entrepreneurship at the School of Arts, Design and Architecture on the 15th of October between 10.00 and 17.00 in the Media Factory. The workshop is free of charge and hosted in collaboration between KreaNord and the Department of Design.
The arts, culture and design fields have a vast potential to contribute to society – yet a large number of students find it hard to leverage their potential and skills after graduating.
So HOW do we provide the students with the best possible conditions to do so?
How do we generate learning environments that foster new practices?
The workshop will provide inspiration for how we can integrate more entrepreneurial elements in our teaching. They will create a space for sharing experiences and for reflecting on your own teaching practice.
If you wish to participate or know more please go to http://www.conferencemanager.dk/entrenord

Call for Aalto students: A Workshop on The Media of Energy and Emotions

Call for Aalto students:

What is this all about?
Consumption of energy evades our perception and is therefore largely detached from our emotive selves. With an emphasis on the emotions induced by interactions in everyday life, MDNM project aims to explore the relation between the design of objects, the use of electricity, and our perceptions and responses towards their interplay. We call for students from varied backgrounds to explore different solutions, concepts and manifestations for this topic.

How can you participate?
MDNM project consist of a two-week long multidisciplinary workshop in October-November, during which students design and implement functional concepts on the topic. The workshop is followed by an expert seminar and an exhibition of the student concepts, held within Aalto ARTS premises at Arabia, Helsinki. The project is organized in collaboration with Aalto Media Factory, Creative Sustainability Master’s Program (4 ECTS), and in connection with the World Design Capital year as well as to the forthcoming Nordic Climate Day on November 11th, 2012.

Important dates:
Application deadline: 15th of October
Workshop dates: 29th of October – 9th of November
Seminar date: Monday, 12th of November
Exhibition: 12th of November – 17th of November

For more information and application details visit:

Creativity & Coffee meeting 3rd Sep

at Aalto Media Factory 3 Sep 2012 at 1 pm

The Creative Arts and Business Management seminar was organized last June at Aalto Media Factory. One of the conclusions of the seminar was to launch a new interdisciplinary network called Creativity & Coffee, consisting of researchers and teachers who share a common interest to develop research and teaching on the subject area of creative arts and business management in the Aalto University. Please confirm your attendance for the next gathering on the 3rd of September at 13 − 16 at Aalto Media Factory and feel free to invite others who might be interested, too.

Preliminary agenda for the meeting:

a) a run-through of the earlier meeting (15 min)
b) brainstorming session (10-15 min) “creative arts and business management topics and road map”
c) round-up of the brainstorm and discussion of the topics
d) a road map and next meeting(s).

Please register here: https://www.webropolsurveys.com/S/FBECAD02C5694160.par

Mediainnovaatioiden ideointityöpaja 12.9.

*Tule mukaan tekemään journalismin tulevaisuutta 12.9.!*

Tiedonvälitys ja journalismi ovat murroksessa. Ansaintamallit, tuotantotavat ja julkaisukanavat muuttuvat nopeasti, ja alalla tarvitaan innovaatioita. Helsingin yliopisto, Aalto yliopisto, HAAGA-HELIA ja Uutisraivaaja-innovaatiokilpailu kutsuvat pääkaupunkiseudun viestinnän ja journalismin opiskelijat ideointityöpajaan Aalto Media Factoryyn keskiviikkona 12. syyskuuta klo 15-18.

Tule oppimaan, miten Design Thinking -metodin avulla voidaan kehittää ideoita, jotka muuttavat tiedonvälityksen tulevaisuutta. Samalla tutustut muihin pääkaupunkiseudun viestinnän opiskelijoihin.

Puhujina kuulemme mm. viime vuoden Uutisraivaaja-kilpailun voittajia eli journalistisen start up -yrityksen Scoopinionin perustajajäseniä sekä Powerkiss-yrityksen perustajaa Maija Itkosta.

Median murrosta ei tarvitse pelätä vaan sen voi nähdä mahdollisuutena luoda uutta. Ideallasi voit osallistua Helsingin Sanomain Säätiön innovaatiokilpailuun Uutisraivaajaan ja voittaa 250 000 euroa kehitysrahaa, jolla voit toteuttaa ideasi!

Lue lisää Design Thinking- metodista ja Uutisraivaajasta täältä:
http://www.slideshare.net/Uutisraivaaja1 ja http://www.uutisraivaaja.fi

Mukaan mahtuu rajoitettu määrä osallistujia.Ilmoittautuminen tapahtumaan alkaa elokuun lopulla, stay tuned!

Järjestäjät Helsingin yliopistosta, Aalto yliopistosta, HAAGA-HELIAsta ja Uutisraivaaja-innovaatiokilpailusta.

Tiiamari Pennanen, Uutisraivaaja-kilpailu/HSS, tiiamari.pennanen at uutisraivaaja.fi
Salla Laaksonen, Helsingin yliopisto, salla.laaksonen at helsinki.fi
Yrjö Tuunanen, Aalto yliopisto, yrjo.tuunanen at aalto.fi
Anne Leppäjärvi, HAAGA-HELIA, anne.leppajarvi at haaga-helia.fi

Juhannus seminar 2012

On June 21st Aalto Media Factory organized a Juhannus (Midsummer) seminar. The idea of the seminar was to have a look at the ongoing academic year. Speakers of the seminar were Dr. Akira Sano from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Kyushu Sangyo University in Japan, as a keynote speaker, professor Philip Dean, director of Department of Media and Media Factory, Dr. Lily Diaz, professor at Media Lab, Department of Media and Dr Antti Raike, who works as a senior advisor at Aalto University Vice Rectors Office.

Creating Real-Size Augmented Reality Content without 3D Modeling Skills

Dr Sano presented his latest research, how real-size augmented reality (AR) content is possible to create without 3D modeling skills. “The knowledge (of dimensions) is not enough, you must feel it”. The size of an artwork, for example, has significant meaning. It is totally different to stand in front of a painting sized seven meters by three meters than to see the painting in a book or even see a miniature from it (SIBS – Seeing Is Believing System). Continue reading

Human design or evolution lectures on video

The Human design or evolution? lecture series was held in Media Factory in January and Fabruary 2012. The series discussed topics such as human enhancement, genetic engineering, neuro- and cognitive science, wearable technology, prosthesis, molecular design, synthetic biology, among others. The four lectures in the series presented 9 scientists, designers and artists, all recognized voices in their respective fields: the speakers were Laura Beloff, Andy Miah, Natasha Vita-More, James Auger & Jimmy Loizeau, Sissel Tolaas, Fiona Raby, Riitta Hari, and Stelarc.

The presentations can be viewed on our Videos-pages: http://mediafactory.aalto.fi/?cat=176

More info: http://humandesign.mlog.taik.fi/

Lecture series "Human Design or Evolution?" in 2012

Lecture series on DESIGN / ART / SCIENCE: HUMAN DESIGN or EVOLUTION? will be held in Media Factory in January-February 2012. The series is funded by Media Factory. More information: http://humandesign.mlog.taik.fi/. Introduction:


“Is it true that the body in its biological, “natural” state is increasingly becoming old-fashioned? Will science and technology develop smarter bodies? The Human Design or Evolution-series offers 8 unique perspectives in investigating the human and the biological body as the material and subject of art, design, science and technology. Body enhancement, body modification, prosthetics, mind uploading and memory upgrades are keywords in contemporary society’s answers to the demands projected onto the (human) body.

It is evident that our perception and attitudes toward the body are changing. This is visible in the general acceptance of ever more radical modifications and enhancements in the functions and appearance of the body, many of which are evidenced e.g. in media, in art & design, and in theoretical articulations concerning the future of the human species.

Design for a future human has become an emerging area (in the art & design), which is tightly related to advancements in science and technology. This area is not only researching future potentialities of humans, including the development and design of a human body; it also addresses important ethical issues concerning such development. For example, the new field of “synthetic biology” seeks to author or “write” biology by making it a design problem.

Through these observations, we might ask: What is the role and are the responsibilities of a designer, a scientist or an artist in the field and what kind of possibilities does it offer? Further, what kind of humans we will be in the future? And what are the stakes in this game? These are some of the questions what this lecture series is investigating.