Meeting the Media training for professors and researchers 26.9.

Do you know how to be an expert in Media?
Do you need more confidence in meeting the journalists?

The one-day training is led by an experienced TV and radio journalist Nicklas Wancke who knows how you can get your message across as an interviewee and what kind of tactics journalists use. The day includes both theory and practice.

Programme of the day:

9.00 Introduction to media training

Journalistic principles and practices
• Media now – What kind of things and questions we should be prepared for?
• What does the media expect from Aalto University and its experts?

Meeting the journalist
• How to succeed in different interviews
• Being an expert in Media
• Do’s and don’ts
• What should you bear in mind when being interviewed in English as opposed to being interviewed by the Finnish media

Practice and feedback: live panel discussion on TV

12.00–13.00 Lunch Break

Meeting the media in challenging interviews
• Your rights and obligations as an interviewee
• How to survive under pressure
• Strengthening the message

Practice and feedback: TV-interview

16.00  End of training

Nicklas Wancke is an experienced TV and radio journalist. He works for Yle, Finland’s national public service broadcasting company. Since 2006 he has been one of the key journalists at Yle Aamu-TV (Yle Morning TV).  Before that he worked for Yle Radio Finland and the English-language Yle News. Mr Wancke has conducted thousands of live interviews. He has interviewed politicians, scientists, researchers, actors, pop stars and athletes.

“Meeting the media” is aimed at Aalto professors and researchers. The number of participants is limited. To enrol:

Feedback from past trainings:

“Extremely well planned and customized training how to present your research in Media.”

“It was great that all the interviews were recorded and enough time was reserved for going through the material and making comments.”

“Thank you very much for the training! I had a chance to test the teachings of the day few days later in a panel discussion.”

For more information please contact:
Producer Leena Närekangas, tel. 050 342 7114, email.

The training is done in collaboration with the Management Institute of Finland – MIF and it is part of the media training programme for professors and researchers by Aalto Communications, Service Factory and Media Factory. For more information on the media training please visit:


Watch the newest Aalto Snapshot online

We visited O.W. Lounasmaa laboratories last winter and as a result of that we can now present “Brain-to-Brain” video to everybody who is interested in knowing more about neuroscience in Aalto.

Watch the Brain-to-Brain or other Aalto Snapshots:

The “Aalto Snapshots” are a series of short 3-5 minutes documentaries about Aalto’s phenomena – art and research projects, happenings etc. The goal of making this series is to present Aalto to the public and to create a standard for the university’s various presentation videos.

Animation Breakout presents the newest of the new in animation on May 5th, 2014

The 1st Animation Breakout seminar will take place in Helsinki on May 5th, 2014. The one-day seminar welcomes students, researchers, designers, practitioners and educators to discuss new trends, projects, innovations and research in the field of animation.

The seminar will focus on interactive animation, animation in games, information graphics and digital distribution of short animations. Several speakers will share their knowledge and provide interesting points of views on animation design, technology and production. The keynote speaker Stuart Aitken, who is an award winning CG supervisor and director from Axis Animation (UK), will talk about the convergence of animation and games: CG Animation for Games – Making trailers and Cinematics.

As a part of the programme there will be an open stage that will give the audience the possibility to pitch their ideas and help to them find collaboration partners. If you would like to get your three minutes on the stage, send us an email request for an invitation.

The seminar is open to anyone interested in animation. There is no admission fee.
For more info and registration, please visit the website.

The Animation Breakout is organized by Aalto University in collaboration with Finnanimation and Cartoon Digital Conference, being held in Helsinki on May 5th -7th.

Leena Närekangas I Producer I I 050 342 7114

Haemme siviilipalvelusmiestä! / A place open for a non-military service

Aalto Media Factory (AMF) on Aalto-yliopiston strateginen hanke, joka kehittää media-alan tutkimusta ja koulutusta ja se toimii yhteistyöalustana yritysten ja yliopiston välillä. AMF järjestää tilaisuuksia, tuottaa AV-palveluja ja on aktiivisesti mukana kansainvälisessä Fablab-verkostossa. AMF sijaitsee Arabian kampuksella Helsingissä.

Elokuussa 2014 aloittavan siviilipalvelusmiehen tehtäviin kuuluu AV-kaluston ylläpito, lainaus ja opastus sekä tilojen ylläpito. Lisäksi siviilipalvelusmies tekee toisinaan video- ja stillkuvausta. Monipuolisessa tehtävässä tehdään yhteistyötä opiskelijoiden ja henkilökunnan kanssa. Työympäristö on kansainvälinen, joten vaatimuksena on hyvä englannin kielen taito.

Edellytämme hakijoilta:
– palveluhalukkuutta ja täsmällisyyttä
– järjestelmällisyyttä ja joustavuutta
– oma-aloitteisuutta
– hyvää AV-laitteiden tuntemusta
– sujuvaa suullista ja kirjallista englannin kielen taitoa
– hyvää tietotekniikan tuntemusta

Eduksi katsotaan:
– tehtävään soveltuva koulutus (esim. AMK) tai muu kokemus AV-asioissa
– kohtuulliset asumiskustannukset
– *B ajokortti

Lisätietoja: Matti Vesanen (nykyinen sivari) ja Juhani Tenhunen (factory manager) (
Hakemukset sähköpostilla Juhanille cv:n ja asumiskustannusselvityksen kera.

Call for proposal: Animation Breakout Seminar May 5th


Date: May 5th, 2014
Venue: tba, in Helsinki

Aalto University will organize the 1st Animation Breakout seminar in Helsinki on May 5th, 2014. The one-day seminar is a meeting place for students, researchers, designers, practitioners and educators to present new trends, projects, innovations and research in the field of animation, especially concentrating on the following areas:

-interactive animation
-animation in games
-animation in film and TV production
-news and information graphics

We welcome all kinds of submissions (including projects, scientific and working papers, new tools and technical devices), which address animation education, production, design and usage.

The seminar day will consist of morning presentations, a lecture of a keynote speaker and a workshop.

Submission deadline for proposals is March 9th, 2014.
Please send your proposal to
Notification will be sent out on March 28th, 2014

The Animation Breakout is organized in collaboration with Cartoon and Finnanimation and it is part of the international Cartoon Digital Conference, held in Helsinki on May 5th -7th.

For more information, please contact Leena Närekangas I Producer I I tel. +358 50 3427114

Media training for professors and reasearchers (in Finnish)

Mediavalmennusta professoreille ja tutkijoille kevään aikana

Media odottaa Aallon asiantuntijoiden ja professorien kertovan oman alansa tuloksista julkisesti. Toimittajat myös pyytävät päivittäin asiantuntijoiltamme taustatietoja ja kommentteja ajankohtaisiin asioihin.

Sosiaalisen median kautta tieto leviää sekunneissa koko maailmalle – millaiset aiheet mediassa kiinnostavat ja miten omalle aiheelle saa näkyvyyttä?

Julkisuudessa ja mediassa oleminen vaatii omaa osaamistaan ja tiedon muokkaamista yleistajuiseen muotoon. Aalto-yliopisto tarjoaa mediavalmennusta professoreiden ja tutkijoiden viestintävalmiuksien tukemiseen. Mediavalmennus koostuu kolmesta osiosta, jotka voi suorittaa erillisinä tai käydä ne kaikki. Lisätietoja löydät Insiden tapahtumakalenterista:





New AV equipment available

New additions have been made to Media Factory’s AV equipment supplies.

The new pieces include Kessler Pocket Dolly, Zacuto Cross Fire, Zacuto Z-Finder Pro, Genus ND Fader as well as new firmware update for Sony FS700 and more. You can see the full list of all available equipment on the AV Production Equipment site.

If you want more information on the Zacuto Cross  Fire, our AV-assistant Matti recommends you to check out this video review:

(Zacuto Striker/Crossfire Review from Chris Weatherly on Vimeo.)

The AV equipment can be booked for Aalto related projects, and of course all the fun is free of charge! Whether you only need a white background, or a set of cameras, microphones and lights, we’ll be happy to loan you what you need. See the list of equipment on the site and contact Matti Vesanen to specify your equipment needs.

Once you’ve recorded your material and need to edit, we also provide AV edits –room for you to use. The edits-room has Adobe Premiere as well as Final Cut Pro X for all video editing. The room is equipped with two Mac Pro -workstations with two screens, and also a 24″ HD Wacom pen display.

Watch Games Now! lectures on video!

Interested in the game industry? Watch the broadcasts from the Games now lecture-series 2013 here:

30.9.2013 Creating Gameworlds: The Art of Gameplay, Interaction and Story – Matt Costello

28.10.2013 New Interfaces – Panel by Finnish experts

25.11.2013 Game Jams and Hobbyists – Gorm Lai

Next: 9.12.2013 What Is This Indie Anyhow? – Panel by Finnish indie developers

One day crash course in video editing with Adobe Premiere 17th Dec

Where: Aalto Media Factory auditorium
When: TUE 17th December 9:00-15:00
Method: Learn by doing, bring your own laptop with Adobe Premiere installed

Do you need to make videos related to your work or studies? Have Abode Premiere on your computer but haven’t had the time to learn to use it?

The “crash course in video editing” gets you familiar with the very basics of video editing with Adobe Premiere program in just one day. Bring your own laptop which has the Adobe Premiere software installed and dig into your video archives to have some material to edit. During the course we learn by doing! The course will be held in English if needed.

The workshop will be held by Anna from Media Factory AV services who also has a BA in film editing.

Sign up for the course! The sign up closes 6.12. and the participants get a confirmation about the registration on 9.12.

The new Aalto Snapshot video premiered in Shanghai

Our new video in the Aalto Snapshots series got its premiere in NDIW, the Nordic Design and Innovation week in Shanghai, in the beginning of November 2013. The video presents Aalto University’s 365 Wellbeing project which focused on design for wellbeing with municipal partners for example in health care services.

365 Wellbeing: Design cares from Aalto Media Factory on Vimeo.