Internet of Things lecture series begins on 18.3.

This lecture series aims to explore how we design products and services for “internet of things” by using the lenses of Trends, Smart City, Infrastructure, Wearables and Gaming.

18.3.2013       13-15    Ilya Baraev – Trends
8.4.2013         13-15    Nordkapp – Scales
10.4.2013       13-15    Ville Peltola – IBM – Infrastructure
22.4.2013       13-15    Christian Lindholm – Korulabs – Wearables
24.4.2013       13-15    Sami Ronkainen – Rovio – Gaming
13.5.2013       13-15    Workshop / Prototyping session (obligatory for credits)

Place: Aalto Media Factory auditorium
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How do we design for Everyware?
We already have robotic vacuum cleaners, autonomous quad copters, self driving cars, programmable legos and Nike fuel bands. There are smart city projects that explores how we use new connected technology to build a better city life. The “Internet of Things” is a topic in media and it has been discussed at length in articles and among academics for many years. It is already very much around us and is now finding its way into our everyday lives and conversations.

Examples of “internet of things” are often complex, utilising advanced technology, sometimes intimidating to a general audience. Many times products are specifically built for the military or some sort of surveillance. But products such as the learning thermostat “Nest” and the “Little Printer” from Berg are changing the perception of embedded technology and are great illustrations on how this technology can be used for everyday products.

Miniaturisation of technology, open standards and platforms gives us new and exciting possibilities when designing products and services. This is a space where we will see radical innovation and perhaps change our behaviour towards technology that from now can have its own autonomy.

What are the possibilities, scenarios, trends and implications of these? And how do we design and develop the next generation of products and services?

The lectures are open to everyone. Students: please go the info page to found out more about how to get credits for participating the lectures.

Questions or thoughts:
Rasmus Vuori, Head of Studies, Medialab
Daniel Peterson, Interaction Designer, lecturer –

Want to learn the basics of the 3D modeling program Rhinoceros? THE COURSE IS FULL

The course is full. Due to the huge interest towards the course, we are hoping to organise another course in Rhino later this spring or next fall.

Basic course in 3D modeling with Rhinoceros

Where and when:
Class 891 on Thursday 14th of Feb at 13-17,
Tutoring sessions are held at FabLab in Aalto Media Factory on Thursdays 21.2., 28.2., 7.3., 14.3. ja 21.3. at 13-14, except 14.3. when the tutoring is at 11-12

To whom: Aalto faculty and students

This course will teach the basics of the 3D modeling program Rhinoceros.
 Starting with an intense afternoon it continues with short one hour tutoring sessions the following 5 weeks.

During the afternoon we will go through exercises in which we will learn the basic workflow of Rhino from creating exact 2D curves, editing them and creating 3D surfaces and editing them.

Some of the basic commands learned: Line, Arcs, Circles, Ellipses, Fillet Curves, Extrude Curve, Rotate, Boolean, Fillet Edges, Sweeps and so on.

The content on of the tutoring sessions are dependent on the needs of the students in which we will either go through new exercises or give advise on students’ own projects.

For the tutoring sessions take with you your own laptop that has the Rhinoceros 4 or 5 software installed. You can download an evaluation version of Rhino from the homepage of Rhino3D. The course material applies equally well to version 4 as to version 5 of Rhino.

The course will be held by Peter Kaario, an industrial designer at Innokas Medical Oy, who in his spare time runs a design company Plasticity. Peter is experienced teacher in Creo2, Rhino and Pro Engineer programs.

Register to the course in HERE. There are 15 places for people with their own laptops. You will get a confirmation email about your registration from Leena Närekangas.

For more information:
Peter Kaario
Tel. 040 740 6804

Leena Närekangas
Aalto Media Factory
Tel. 050 342 7114

Apply now to PACK-AGE: Interdisciplinary Packaging Design Project 2013

14 March–17 May 2013 @Media Factory
PACK-AGE is a Master’s level Aalto course with a holistic focus on packaging design. (5–10 ECTS)

What is future packaging like?
How can packaging be: more fun? more sustainable? a service? a media? more social? more emotional? more informative? multi-sensory? thought provoking? build user experiences? Come and find out and give your own contribution. You get to create, you get to decide.
You will be working in interdisciplinary design teams with real design projects from companies.

The course is interdisciplinary both for teachers and students. Teachers from 4 different schools teach packaging design from various points of views.

The course is based on theme lectures and problem-based-learning in teams. Students get a wide overview of different contemporary packaging design issues and get to practice packaging design in interdisciplinary teams on real packaging projects. Students work in teams of five and every student has their own role in the team. The idea is to use student’s competences, background and prior knowledge as a resource for creative group work. An ideal team has enthusiastic students from many different backgrounds.

The application period is open from December to February. The number of participants is limited to 30.
For more information check WebOodi: 20087, PACK-AGE: Interdisciplinary Packaging Design Project.

"How do we unleash the creative potential through entrepreneurship?" workshop 15th Oct

A One-Day Workshop at the Media Factory for Educators and Education Planners in the Creative Fields
Welcome to a one-day workshop in the intersection between creativity, design and entrepreneurship at the School of Arts, Design and Architecture on the 15th of October between 10.00 and 17.00 in the Media Factory. The workshop is free of charge and hosted in collaboration between KreaNord and the Department of Design.
The arts, culture and design fields have a vast potential to contribute to society – yet a large number of students find it hard to leverage their potential and skills after graduating.
So HOW do we provide the students with the best possible conditions to do so?
How do we generate learning environments that foster new practices?
The workshop will provide inspiration for how we can integrate more entrepreneurial elements in our teaching. They will create a space for sharing experiences and for reflecting on your own teaching practice.
If you wish to participate or know more please go to

Call for Aalto students: A Workshop on The Media of Energy and Emotions

Call for Aalto students:

What is this all about?
Consumption of energy evades our perception and is therefore largely detached from our emotive selves. With an emphasis on the emotions induced by interactions in everyday life, MDNM project aims to explore the relation between the design of objects, the use of electricity, and our perceptions and responses towards their interplay. We call for students from varied backgrounds to explore different solutions, concepts and manifestations for this topic.

How can you participate?
MDNM project consist of a two-week long multidisciplinary workshop in October-November, during which students design and implement functional concepts on the topic. The workshop is followed by an expert seminar and an exhibition of the student concepts, held within Aalto ARTS premises at Arabia, Helsinki. The project is organized in collaboration with Aalto Media Factory, Creative Sustainability Master’s Program (4 ECTS), and in connection with the World Design Capital year as well as to the forthcoming Nordic Climate Day on November 11th, 2012.

Important dates:
Application deadline: 15th of October
Workshop dates: 29th of October – 9th of November
Seminar date: Monday, 12th of November
Exhibition: 12th of November – 17th of November

For more information and application details visit:

Measuring carrying capacity – lecture 11th Sep

Welcome to open lecture organized by Creative Sustainability Master’s Program!

Place: Aalto Media Factory Auditorium
Time: Tuesday 11.9. 17:00-19:00

Measuring carrying capacity: some implications of self sufficiency

Murray Lane, Architect, Ph.D. Candidate
Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia

What is our long-term carrying capacity? A resource-constrained future suggests increased self-sufficiency, but at what scale? Recent Australian findings imply changes in what we eat, where we live and how we use the landscape are needed to reach a sustainable population so modelling our carrying capacity can help inform these important future decisions. This talk will highlight Australian examples from a recently released online Carrying Capacity Dashboard ( and will have relevance for land use planning, architecture and also anyone interested in future sustainable societal systems.

Murray Lane argues that any transition to a truly sustainable society requires careful and ongoing assessment of our landscape’s dynamic productive potential within a broader systems’ context of compounding environmental trends. His PhD brings new perspectives to the population debate and puts practical application to carrying capacity theory. Murray also teaches architecture at the Queensland University of Technology, Australia.

>> View poster (pdf)