Kickstart – From Ideas to Reality workshop

When: Friday 15 June at 13 − 16
Where: Aalto Media Factory

The goal of the AMF open call seed funding is to give a birth to the nascent ideas of Aalto people. The AMF has funded about 60 different ideas of which some have managed to continue in a form or another, but many are struggling. We want you to know that you are not alone and that’s why we’re organizing a workshop for helping you continue the work you have done. Aalto Fund Rising has promised to share their expertise in finding resources. In the Kickstart – From Ideas to Reality workshop we all can commonly find solutions to funding problems.

How to join?
1. Enroll by the 1st June 2012 at:
(please inform the name of your project, who is/are going to present, contact information)
2. Prepare a short (10 min with discussion) presentation of your work or idea.
3. Present your work/idea in the workshop.

Preliminary program
13 – 15 Presentations and discussions
15 – 16 Kickstarter

Managing creative processes and creative business – network and seminar

Interested in research on managing and leading creative processes and creative business? Come along to our seminar and join a new network!

We are launching an interdisciplinary network of researchers and practitioners interested in issues dealing with leading and managing creative processes and creative business in different contexts. As the first event of the network we are organizing a one-day seminar on Creative Arts and Business Management at Aalto Media Factory on June 6th, 2012.

The purpose of this seminar is to gather together researchers and practitioners from various fields to present and discuss either their ongoing research or their ideas for future studies on the management of creative organizations and processes. Relevant disciplines could include e.g. organizational and management studies, marketing, film and television, design as well as cultural and arts management.

The submissions may be full papers, but we also welcome warmly brief idea papers and/or posters suggesting an idea for an article or a research project, or for forming a research group around an issue. Possible themes include but are not limited to:
– leading and managing creative work
– creative leadership in business and public organizations
– management of creative projects
– innovation management and knowledge sharing
– marketing creative immaterial productions and products
– intellectual property rights in creative business
– strategic management in creative organizations.

We invite interested researchers regardless of their discipline to prepare an abstract (max. 250 words) on their research paper or idea, and submit it via Webropol at
by April 20th, 2012. Detailed instructions for preparing seminar presentations will be given in May 2012.

For further information, contact Riku Oksman, e-mail: riku.oksman (ÄT)

Philip Dean, Professor, AMF Director, Aalto ARTS/Dept. of Media
Annukka Jyrämä, Docent, Aalto ECON/Dept. of Marketing
Marjo Mäenpää, Professor, Aalto ARTS/Dept. of Art
Riku Oksman, Project Researcher, Aalto Media Factory
Juhani Tenhunen, Factory Manager, Aalto Media Factory
Tanja Vilèn, Lecturer, Sibelius Academy/Arts management
Jari Ylitalo, Project Manager, Aalto SCI/BIT Research Center

PACK-AGE, the new packaging design course starts

6 teachers from different disciplines are teaching the PACK-AGE course from different points of views, resulting a holistic packaging design course combining knowledge of design, technology and business thinking, spiced up with sustainable systems and real product development approach. The course is intended for master’s level students who are interested in developing new and innovative packaging consepts, solving wicked design problems and developing their team working skills in real projects with new packaging structures, materials and technological possibilities. Development of the PACK-AGE course received Media Factory Open Call funding.

More information and registration in weboodi. Course code: 20087


First Trashlab lecture "How I learned to stop worrying and love trash"

Welcome to the first lecture in the ‘Talking Trash(lab)’ series by Antti Ahonen (Koelse, FI), on Friday 17th February, 17.30-19.00 at Aalto Media Factory.

The question of trash is very essential today, as the rate our limited natural resources is turning into hazardous waste is constantly accelerating. Will we drown in our own waste, or is there an answer to this question? If there is, should we search for it in technology, activism, philosophy, religion, history, art or somewhere else? Is the end of consumer-culture near, or will we be saved by singularity, green politics or our own actions?

Antti Ahonen from Koelse will tackle these topics, explaining how he learned to stop worrying and love trash.

Express your attendance on related facebook event.

More info about Trashlab & Talking Trash(lab) series:
How to get to the location:

This event is supported by Aalto Media Factory.

Seven new Aalto Media Factory Open Call projects!

The last AMF open call in autumn 2011 got 20 proposals of which we decided to fund the following seven projects:

Visuality in digital books – platform and pilot cases. Annu Ahonen. Julkaisupalvelut. 20000€

Stretch-‘e-room’ and eFibre workshop in Aalto 2012. Raija Jokinen, Ramyah Gowrishankar. DoD, DoM, Dep. of Motion picture. 10000€

The Media of Energy and Emotions. Tatu Marttila, Karthikeya Acharya, Till Bowermann, Lutz Gegner. DoD, DoM. 16000€

Wagner-gaalakonsertti. Marjo Mäenpää. Pori, Tampere, Turku. 14000€

‘Talking Trash(lab)’. Andrew Patterson, Karthikeya Acharya, Sami Bhowmik. DoD, DoM, Aalto Lahti. 15000€

CoMeUP: Collaborative Media content creation for Urban Planning. Joanna Saad-Sulonen. DoM, Surveying and Planning. 25000€

Euroscope – Näkökulmia talouden multimodaaliseen merkityksellistämiseen. Yrjö Tuunanen, Heidi Hirsto. DoM, Dep. of Language and Communication. 38900€

Pixelversity 2012: Do-it-yourself -energy and trans-disciplinary know-how

Pixelache Helsinki is a trans-disciplinary platform for experimental art, design, research and activism since 2002. Pixelversity is the name of Pixelache’s around-the-year education & outreach program since 2010. The program variably consists of presentations, workshops and other events. In 2012 the main themes are Renewable Festivals, Creative Neighborhood Skills, Virtuality & Social identity, Ecosystem and Environmental Monitoring, as well as Open Design, Crafts & Manufacturing.

Monthly Trashlab events & Talking Trash(lab) lectures will, during 2012, explore experimental art-design-technology practice between hacker and maker cultures, in the context of re/up-cycling and the increased availability of new fabrication tools. For example, the Light is History project will create, from recycled materials, a social winter light installation related to sustainable electricity usage by the surrounding neighbours who live nearby.

Virtuality Grand Tour is a monthly series of virtual gatherings exploring different online platforms and tools. The aim is to find new and creative ways to use these platforms. For example, using Google Maps to organising a virtual tour of notorious immigrant suburbs, featuring an online drama session in which people face up to the problematics of online hate speech, through role playing.

The E-embroidery workshop in March will introduce the marriage of traditional embroidery and electronics, guiding participants in stitching yarns and LEDs into fascinating patterns. While an experimental gardening workshop later in the spring introduces growing or farming systems built out of recycled materials, using renewable energy sources and also organic fertilisers.

In summary, Pixelversity is based on social and community learning: learning from peers and experience, as well as learning by doing, and doing it together. It further aims to be a ‘learning bridge’ between practitioners, cultural and non-profit organisations, interested individuals and larger institutions, as well as an outreach program extending beyond Helsinki. Pixelversity events are organised 2-4 times a month, and principally held in English. Some of the presentation events are also accessible via an online video-stream. Most events are free of charge, but occasionally the workshops have small fee for material costs and/or require sign-up in advance. Beyond Helsinki, there are occasional events elsewhere in Finland, as well as within the Gulf of Finland region. Participants may receive some travel support through contact with the coordinator.

Pixelversity program is coordinated and facilitated by Andrew Gryf Paterson. He will lecture with the title “Pixelversity 2011-2012: Towards an eco-geographic cultural space,” on Wednesday 25th January at 18:45 – 19:30. The lecture is part of Space is the Place -exhibition, workshop and lecture series in the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts.

Further information:

Subscribe Pixelache Newsletter at

Trashlab begins its monthly events!

Trashlab monthly events during 2012 will explore experimental art-design-technology practice between hacker and maker cultures, in the context of re/up-cycling and the increased availability of new fabrication tools. Trashlab’s objective is to build up a community of people (artists, designers, hackers, makers, re/up-cyclers, activists) who are concerned with material and electronic waste in contemporary society, and tackle this problem with creative and tangential approaches.

The first workshop takes place at Aalto Media Factory on Saturday 14.1. from 13.00-19.00, with the second one on Saturday 18.2. from 13.00-19.00. They will continue each month, but in some different locations also.

Welcome to take part, take apart, remake, and attend all year long! Note: January & February’s Trashlab events will be ‘light’ maker activity – So, Bring Your Own Gear (BYOG) & bring some Potluck / Nyyttikeskit Trash for the table!

In addition, Aalto Media Factory are funding a monthly lecture series called ‘Talking Trash(lab)’ organised by Pixelache Helsinki & Aalto University School of Art & Design researchers: Inaugural lecture event by Antti Ahonen (Koelse) on Friday 17.2. from 17.30-19.00 (the day before the second Trashlab workshop).

More information on Pixelache’s Trashlab page

Autumn's Open Call proposals

Aalto Media Factory’s Autumn 2011 Open Call got 20 proposals in time. The variety of the proposals was big; from computer interaction and systems design to art and research projects. It was good to see how many ways ‘media’ can be understood and how broad the media world is. The most of the proposals came from the Department of Media and the department of Design but also the Department of Pori Art and Media, the Department of Media Technology, the Department of Signal Processing, Department of Language and Communication and others presented their proposals. The standard of the proposals was high and all the proposals were very important. We will soon inform about the decisions made.

Thank you!

Autumn 2011 Open Call

On 1st November 2011 the Aalto Media Factory launches its Autumn Open Call to the Aalto University community. Doctoral and masters-level students, as well as academic staff, once again have the possibility to propose projects and new media related initiatives for AMF seed funding. The projects can include elements from research, education or other activities. The purpose of the funding is to enable novel multidisciplinary activities which are not covered financially by existing basic or other budgets of Aalto university.

A special emphasis for this Autumn’s open call will be given to projects that attempt to utilize the potential of the AMF’s new premises at Arabianranta as a place to meet, work and experiment. How could you exploit, for example, our new FabLab, a facility for small-scale personal manufacturing and construction of media-related prototypes?

One of the important research topics, for example, could be the potential economic and social benefits brought about by the emergence of personal manufacturing technologies.

Proposals for all relevant projects within the broad field of media will be considered.

The four main criteria must be met:

1. True cooperation involving two or more departments or units. (Failure to fulfill this point has been the cause of most of the rejections in the earlier open calls).

2. The extent to which the Media proposal aims at introducing new actions, operations, practices etc. within Aalto.

3. Feasibility of the proposal to be successful (Work plan and resources).

4. Comparison with other proposals.

Please check the other criteria from here:

Deadline for the call is 30th November 2011.

Decision on the next phase of the negotiation process will be given within two weeks of the deadline.

We will gladly give advice to potential proposers in advance. Please contact Juhani Tenhunen (tel. 050 5184087 email: firstname.lastname [at]

au·tumn: The third season of the year, when crops and fruits are gathered and leaves fall, in the northern hemisphere from September to November and in the southern hemisphere from March to May