Random Hexagons

AMF gallery presents algorithm-based computer graphics by Severi Virolainen from 3rd to 20th May 2016.

The works are created by using GDL language of ArchiCAD and randomness and printed with an inkjet printer. All the works are based on one parametric hexagon, which has been multiplied different ways by using and limiting the randomness. The depth is created by layering hexagons so that the hexagons in the separate layers follow different rules.
Tietokonegrafiikkaa. Työt on luotu ArchiCADin GDL-ohjelmointikieltä ja satunnaisuutta hyödyntäen ja tulostettu mustesuihkutekniikalla. Ne kaikki perustuvat yhteen parametriseen kuusikulmioon, jota on monistettu eri tavoin satunnaisuutta hyödyntäen ja rajoittaen. Syvyyttä töihin on luotu kerrostamalla syntyneitä kennostoja siten, että eri kerroksissa kuusikulmiot noudattavat erilaisia sääntöjä.
Severi Virolainen
arkkitehti, Architect TKK 1992
Aalto tohtorikoulutettava, Doctoral student2015–
Severi has programmed computers since 1979, first on breaks at school and later in his own companies. 1988 Severi founded M.A.D., which is specialized in computer aided architectural design (or BIM). Severi’s diploma work ”Hypermedia House” (1992) was the first diploma work in HUT delivered only in digital form (SyQuest disc).
In his doctoral thesis Severi studies ”Algorithms, parametric design and printing buildings”, which will be focused later on. Graphics and other visual arts Severi has created in random occasions along his life time.
Severi on vuodesta 1979 alkaen ohjelmoinut tietokoneita, ensin välitunneilla, myöhemmin omissa firmoissaan. 1988 Severi perusti M.A.D. -yhtiön, joka tietokoneavusteiseen rakennussuunnitteluun erikoistunut asiantuntijaorganisaatio. Severin diplomityö ”Hypermediatalo” (1992) oli TKK:n ensimmäinen ainoastaan elektronisessa muodossa luovutettu diplomityö.
Väitöstutkimuksen aiheena Severillä on ”Algoritmit, parametriinen suunnittelu ja rakennusten tulostaminen”, josta aihe myöhemmin tarkemmin rajaantuu. Grafiikkaa ja muuta kuvataidetta Severi on luonut satunnaisina rupeamina koko elämänsä.

The Italian Connection


Haplab and ARTS have recently improved their visibility in the Italian peninsula

  • The largest Italian library magazine Biblioteche Oggi published just our article on social reading – in Italian.
  • Italian tech provider and publishing startup Pubcoder interviewed Harri Heikkilä in their blog because the coop at Publishing for Emerging Platforms -MA course at ARTS. We tested Pubcoder-application, assessed it and gave a comprehensive list of suggestions how to further improve the program and the UI.

Haplab visited Paris Book Fair 16–18.3.2016

Highlights from digital point of view:

  • The sixth ebook barometer has been published
    • 28% of Frenchmen have a dedicated e-reading device
    • 29%  read the same ebook with different devices
    • 20% of Frenchmen have read ebooks
  • All french books from last century will be published as free ePUBs, if title not commercially available
    • There is a legislation to support this. Name of the project is ReLire and publishing is managed by a company called FeniXX
  • Marlin-based new DRM-scheme for ebooks called DADC is claimed to be easier for customer then Adobe DRM


You could buy an ebook also on USB-stick.

You could buy an ebook also on USB-stick.

Touch the touchables of the past and present

Introducing new acquisitions at HapLab eReading PettingZoo: Rocket eBook of 1998 (pic) and Plastic Logic 100, a 10,7 ” e-ink textbook device from 2011.  Rocket by Nuvomedia was perhaps the first dedicated e-book reader in the world, it sported a 5.4″ monochrome display and was able to contain 40 books! Plastic Logic was considered to be a future of textbooks. High resolution and pleasant to read. Both well ahead of their times. Come & see test yourselves!

Recent acquisitions include also:

  • Kindle DX Graphite (DXG) 2010 –Kindle with 9,7″ screen and free 3G access
  • Kindle 1 (K1) 2007 The rare original Kindle with interesting navigation system
  • Leia Media 2013, Finnish prototype, 10,7 ” e-ink -device with solar panel. Three versions.
  • Kindle Voyage  Wifi (KV) 2014, premium e-reader with Carta-screen
  • iPad Pro 12,9″ with pen 2016


HapLab-app in the works!

Johannes Neumeier (left), the student of the Publishing design for the emerging platforms -course at Aalto ARTS discusses the app interface with Jun Li and Antti Sihlman from Neonto Studio (link: https://neonto.com). The native app will be published in summer 2016 and it is targeted to designers and publishers who are interested in good practices of touch screen UIs.



by Anna Muchenikova


“While coaching and “success blogs”

urge everyone to leave the comfort zone,

I dream to finally get into that darn zone…”

HIDEAWAY is an attempt to create comfort zone, a quiet mental space in the hectic digital world. Anna Mu’s art is a shelter from entropy and external chaos, an escape to the internal world. The viral saying goes “Outside of your comfort zone is where the magic happens” but HIDEAWAY claims the opposite: magic happens inside the human being, within one’s comfort zone. This magic happens at the tranquil moments of meditative contemplation, solitude and introspection. Joseph Brodsky said at his Nobel Lecture: “If art teaches anything (to the artist, in the first place), it is the privateness of the human condition.” And through this privateness and self-reflection, we get our biggest insights. At this life, we come closest to eternity in hushed intimations of it: the cat sleeping on the chair, the snail climbing Fudji, the jellyfish floating in the ocean.

Anna Mu has been strongly influenced, in technique as well as subject matter, by the late 19th-century English illustrator Aubrey Beardsley. She works in a black and white graphic style, using manual conservative techniques: mostly hand drawing with ink on paper. Some of the works are printed with historical letterpress printing method on hand-made paper.

A short biography

Anna Muchenikova is a visual artist, originally from St. Petersburg, Russia, currently based in Helsinki, Finland.

Anna’s portfolio can be seen online at http://annamu.work. This online gallery exhibits her artworks in chronological order, following works she produced in childhood right through to adulthood. As the artist feels it is of utmost importance to observe a reflection of the passage of time within her work.

Anna has graduated in 2014 from Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture Graphic Design MA, and before that did her bachelor in graphic design at St. Petersburg State University.

Alongside with artistic practice, Anna is a co-founder and Art Director of LUK Design studio (lukdesign.fi) (2014–present).

Best Documentary Short Film: Sea with No Name by Emilia Linnakoski

SWNN_posterAalto ARTS student Emilia Linnakoski’s short documentary film “Sea with No Name” has won the best documentary short film prize in Lisbon International Film Festival.

The festival hopes to be the voice and representation for films with a unique voice and message, regardless of how low the budget might be. Aiming to inspire, motivate and award new talent.

“Desert. Sand blowing in eyes, back bent down, limps heavy of waiting. Wallpapers reflecting the light beams from cars outside on the streets. Hands reaching warmth under the blanket or resting on thermostat. When rejection and abandoning has beaten you repeatedly they sculpt themselves in human memory, all the way through your body. Landscape in Tuula`s eyes is silent, days resemble one another, then suddenly a song blossoms in this desert, like a flower waking up at night. In that song she reveals herself to us. What kind of a prison has she built with only one feel – fear of abandoning? “

Congratulations Emilia!

Aalto University is looking for a professor in film directing

Aalto University, Helsinki, has an open position for a Professor in Film Directing. The position is located at the Department of Film, Television and Scenography – ELO Film School Helsinki. The university encourages active film directors to apply. Pedagogical skills are required and research orientation is considered an asset. The position is full time and is open for Associate and Full Professor levels of the Aalto University Tenure Track system. Take the opportunity, come work in one of the eldest and strongest film schools in Europe!

Deadline for the applications is December 21st 2015. For more information, please see the whole advertisement here: http://www.aalto.fi/en/about/careers/jobs/view/558/


FabLab’s First Visiting Artist – Micah Silver

From mid-October to January artist, curator and writer Micah Silver will be immersing themselves  in the Aalto community with a base at the Media Factory’s FabLab. This will mark the beginning of the first research phase of a public art work called One of Many Possible Irreonciliations Between the Finite and the Infinite which will be installed at a large public park in New York City in 2017. The work will use air as a time-based compositional material to re-shape the airflow regime of the Park. Silver began working with air having finished a long phase of working primarily with audio.

The work for the park will take both a rigorous observational/quantitative approach to visualizing the airflows in the park over the period of a year. From the evolution of these  observations Silver will be fabricating a sequence of physical extensions to the park’s trees and landscaping that will replace the inherent, natural change introduced as over a million leaves fall from the many mature trees in winter. At the FabLab Silver will begin to produce prototypes for various aspects of the work’s production and develop the basis for production and do acoustic and airflow testing using Schlieren photography. Silver lives in Los Angeles and holds degrees from MIT and Wesleyan University in the United States.

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Open call for artists to exhibit their work at the AMF Gallery in spring 2016

AMF Gallery is looking for artists to present their work in spring 2016. Gallery representation is offered to all members of Aalto community from students and staff to alumni. We exhibit contemporary art of all styles and techniques.

The AMF Gallery is located in the Aalto Media Factory in Hämeentie 135 A. The space is open for visitors on weekdays at 9:00-17:00 and it is free of charge for both exhibiting artists as well as visitors. Each exhibition is open for three and a half weeks.

AMF Gallery has had the pleasure to host a number of exhibitions since fall 2012. In spring we hope to have 5-6 exhibitions, displaying a versatile collection of artwork.

If you wish to submit your artwork and have the Media Factory considering an exhibition of your work, please send a proposal by e-mail to Leena Närekangas, leena.narekangas@aalto.fi

The following items should be attached to the email:
-2-3 images of your artwork.
-Artwork title, medium and dimensions
-Images must be Jpeg, smaller than 3MB
*Short biography

You are also welcome to visit us and see the space before submitting your works.

Visit the AMF Gallery website: http://mediafactory.aalto.fi/amf-gallery/