Newsletter 2/2010 (April)

Hi everyone,

In this newsletter we will introduce you to many interesting upcoming events during the following weeks. We have the MediaBizLab’s seminar, Aaltoes Open Mic and Tuli Talk with Hipui. Please scroll down for further information.

We would also like you to get acquainted with our partner Uneton48 that gathers more than 100 teams nationwide to a competition where every team has to make a short film in 48 hours. Please visit their website and get inspired by their entrepreneurial mindset.

Another terrific proof of entrepreneurship is the Aalto on Tracks project that takes around 100 people from the Aalto University community with a private train from Helsinki to Shanghai World Expo, China, in May 2010. Media Factory is represented on the train by our web designer Anna Berg and Ina Mutikainen, both students at the Aalto university School of Art and Design (Department of Motion picture, Television and Production Design). We are looking forward to their story from the journey.

We have also started a series of columns written by Aalto university teachers and researchers within media. Please find them on our home page

Please notice the following upcoming Public defenses:

Wednesday 12th of May at 12
Sampo-Sali, Mediakeskus Lume
MA Petri Lankoski, Department of Media, Medialab.
Subject: Character-Driven Game Design: A Design Approach and Its Foundations in Character Engagement.
Opponent: PhD Ian Bogost, Georgia Institute of Technology.
Custodian: Professor Lily Diaz

Thursday 20th of May at 12
Sampo-Sali, Mediakeskus Lume
MSSc Mikko Villi, Department of Media, Photography
Subject: Visual Mobile Communication. Camera Phone Photo Messages as Ritual Communication and Mediated Presence
Opponent: PhD Karin Wagner, Chalmers tekniska högskola
Custodian: Professor Merja Salo


Aaltoes Open Mic with MediaBizLab

Spend an interesting Monday evening to discuss and brainstorm potential business ideas with other entrepreneurially oriented people! At Aaltoes Open Mic, anyone can stand up and pitch her idea, however rough it might be. After each pitch, people will help develop the presented idea through discussion and brainstorming. You don’t have to pitch an idea to participate; you can just come to listen, discuss and get inspired.

Aalto Entrepreneurship Society, Aaltoes, is a community driven organization promoting entrepreneurship and helping students and researchers to create world-changing businesses from Aalto University. More information here:

Time: April 19th 2010
Location: Pohjoinen Rautatiekatu 21

Join the event on Facebook:

MediaBizLab seminar

Aalto University Media Factory and School of Economics, Faculty of Marketing would like to invite you to a half-day seminar called “MediaBizLab – Commercializing Media as Services”. This is at the same time the launch event for the new minor studies program MediaBizLab – Commercializing Media as Services. The objective of these minor studies is to teach the essentials about media content commercialization from the points of view of design, technology and business. Deadline for applications is May 17th, 2010. More information at

Join us for a seminar on how to engage audiences, drive popularity, and generate revenue for media content in the internet era and ask us at the same time about the new minor study program.

Time: April 22, 2010, 13:00-17:00
Location: Aalto University, School of Economics, Main building, Juhlasali (assembly hall), Runeberginkatu 14-16, Helsinki

More information here:

Tuli Talk with Hipui

Media Factory will organize in collaboration with the Aalto Entrepreneurship Society an event concentrating on mobile user experience and app development. The event is also intended to promote the Aalto Mobile App Developers Network hosted by Media Factory.

For further information about the Network please join the mailing list by subscribing at or contact Mikko Villi at Media Factory (mikko.villi[at]

Hipui is a Helsinki based technology start-up that is redefining the mobile user experience by providing technology and platforms to enable rich interaction and context awareness. More information here:

Aaltoes Tuli Talks are a monthly series of talks by entrepreneurs with research backgrounds. The event series is sponsored by the Tuli Program. More information here:

Time: Monday 26 April at 3 p.m.
Location: Aalto University School of Art and Design, lecture room 822, 8th floor, Hämeentie 135 C, Helsinki

Join the event on Facebook:

Looking forward to seeing you and enjoy the first flowers peeping out :-)
Media Factory Office Team

Newsletter 1/2010 (March)

Hi everyone,

This year has started with a little bit different focus than the last one. In our five-point action plan we emphasize more gatherings with our different stakeholders as well as the visibility of media education and research within Aalto university. Read more here.

We have had two seminars in February, one in co-operation with the Canadian embassy and one in co-operation with Grafia ry. We enjoyed both networking with Dr. Gerri Sinclair from the Digital Media Center in Vancouver as well as hearing the Grafia seminar panelists discuss the future of research and education within graphic design. Some twitters from the events: Sinclair: Where is the money? Answer Baby-boomers. Grafia seminar: What is the core of graphic design in year 2015? Is it information design? For getting a glimpse of these events please find our videos on our website (the video from the Grafia seminar will be published later on)

Finnish Game Jam

The Global Game Jam 2010 was an event organised on January 29-31 in a multitude of locations worldwide. In Finland the event took place in four locations. Media Factory took part in organizing and documenting the Helsinki Event in Media Centre Lume. A video documentary is currently being edited and will soon appear on Media Factory’s website.

What is a Game Jam? It’s an event and competition where participants innovate computer games from scratch in a single weekend. The assignment is given in Friday evening and the completed games are evaluated in Sunday afternoon. This year’s theme was “deception”, something that all completed games were expected to deal with. To learn more and actually to play the winning games visit Finnish Game Jam’s website:

Mobile App Developer Network

There is a growing demand for collaboration in the area of mobile application development (i.e. programming and content creation for mobile devices such as mobile phones) within Aalto University. Therefore, Media Factory has initiated a multi-disciplinary network where people interested in this topic can meet regularly and plan joint activities. The network is intended for both staff (researchers, lecturers) and students of Aalto University, with visitors from media industry.

Due to its pioneering role the Mobile App Developers Network serves also as a model for further networks, or special interest groups within the media field in Aalto University. The first joint activities planned for spring 2010 are events such as seminars both for the network members and the wide audience in Aalto University and its stakeholders.

MediaBizLab – Commercializing Media Services

Media Factory participates in organizing a new Aalto-wide minor study program. The aim of the “MediaBizLab – Commercializing Media Services” program is to give students skills and experience in discovering success factors in media design and commercialization of their own product and service ideas. This takes place through facilitation of creative processes, understanding of media markets and end users’ needs, business thinking, and skills in prototyping. The students will work in groups throughout the programme.

The administrative unit of the program is the Department of Marketing and Management at the School of Economics. Other participating units are Department of Media (School of Art and Design) and Department of Media Technology (School of Technology). The launch is next fall, and the intake is 20 masters level students, preferably in their fourth year of studies.

For more information contact mikko.villi{ät}

Research news

Media Factory will arrange an open call for smaller research projects. The call will include more detailed information about the process. Researchers and students within Aalto university will be encouraged to take part in a pitching event where the idea should be presented shortly and efficiently. Check out our website for further information later on this month. We will also inform you through this list.

Further news

We could create a little bit of buzz around the following themes: Short film competition ( and Postproduction. More information will be given in the next newsletter.

The Media Factory office has moved on the 4th of March. Please visit our new office at Aalto University School of Art and Design. The visiting address is: Hämeentie 135 A, 3rd floor just above the cafeteria Katri Antell. Or contact us by sending an e-mail to mediafactory {ät}

Enjoy the dawning spring :-)

The Media Factory Office Team

Media Factory newsletter December 2009

Dear friends of Media Factory,

The last month of this year is here and we are all in a waiting mode. We are not just waiting for all that the Christmas season could bring but also how the new Aalto university will start officially on the 1st of January. The Sylvester Night will certainly start the new wave of inspiring encounters between different actors from both academia and the media field.

The ending year can be described as a year of initializing new ways of co-operation between different media researchers and students within the three schools. Please read professor Maija Töyry’s reflections of Media Factory 2009 here:

Media Factory’s new director

On the 23rd of November Philip Dean was appointed director at Media Factory. He is currently working as Professor of Media Management at Media Lab, Taik, the department he founded in 1993. You can read more about him here:

Media Factory’s research tracks so far

The research tracks of Media Factory (Doing Cross Media and Enactive Social Media and Gaming) had a seminar where the researchers presented their research so far. Read more here:

Workshop focusing on industry collaboration

Media Factory organizes a workshop at TKK on December 17th, 9.00-12.15. The workshop concentrates on the pedagogical aspects of industry collaboration. It is intended for educators in Aalto, who teach subjects related to media and communication. The workshop will be held in Finnish. More information at

Media in transition on film

Students attending the Media in transition (Median murros) course organized by Media Factory have produced several short films as their course assignments. The theme given to the students was “Media 2020”. These films, created in multidisciplinary students groups, can be viewed on the course web site

Also several essays written by the students are available on the site, as well as video recordings of the course lectures. All course material is in Finnish.

Seminar on Digital Visuality

Welcome to the Media Factory seminar:
Digital Visuality – The multiple societal uses of images


The seminar has as its aim to discuss and develop further the new Media Factory Research Track called “Digital Visuality” that is still in the plannig phase. In other words, it is a good opportunity to get involved. More information here:

We from the office team wish you a wonderful Christmas time and all the best for the year 2010.

Stay in contact with us and follow our doings on our webpages
and Twitter

Media Factory newsletter October 2009

Dear friend of Media Factory

It is time for us to tell you something about Media Factory’s latest happenings and also give some information about upcoming events.

Networking Through Disciplinary Boundaries

On the 1st of October Media Factory arranged a seminar about the theme “Networking Through Disciplinary Boundaries”.
We were really proud to have Associate Director Martha Russell from MediaX at Stanford University as a guest speaker. You can find her presentation on our website
The local touch was offered by professor Johanna Moisander from HSE, professor Maija Töyry from TAIK and professor Marko Turpeinen from HIIT who chaired the session. Find more information about the seminar and the presentations

Media Factory’s Researchers’ network forum

The following Media Factory’s Researchers’ network forum is arranged on the 12th of November at the University of Art and Design in lecture room 885 on the 8th floor. We will discuss and debate about the subject Public Space Contested. New Media Technologies, Art and Society”. More details about the programme can be found on our website The number of participants is limited to 35. Please register before the 5th of November by sending an email to Mika Elo (melo{ät} In order to facilitate networking, Media Factory is collecting information about media related research done in Aalto University. Please attach to your registration a short description of your current research interests. we would also like you to get acquainted with our invited speakers by reading their blogs:”>

Media Lab OPEN 2009 Symposium

We also want you to notice the following symposium where Media Factory collaborates with Media Lab: OPEN 2009 Symposium (5.-6.11. 2009)
Media Lab Helsinki’s Doctor of Arts Symposium OPEN 2009 in University of Art and Design TaiK

OPEN 2009 is an event for all interested parties who want to understand the ongoing shift from an industrially organized era to an era of networks and social production. The role and meaning of information is changing from a fixed, well-guarded asset to a continuously changing openly shared process. Openness is affecting the relational dynamics between different actors. New ideals, organizational forms and practices emerge. They interfere with older traditions and create a space of conflict. More information at

Digital Innovation Workshop

On behalf of the organizers Media Factory wants to inform that the Digital Innovation Workshop will be held on November 11th 2009 in Tampere (Hervanta, Nokia Innovation Center). This full day event is open to all active digital innovation researchers in Finland. There is no registration fee. This is a national research community event bringing digital innovation researchers from diverse fields of academia together. Please register and submit abstracts at

News from Media in transition

The first educational offering of Media Factory, “Media in transition” (Median murros), a BA level introductory course, is in process. 50 students from the different Aalto schools attend the course. Video recordings of the lectures and other course material can be found on the course web pages (only in Finnish).

On behalf of the Media Factory Project Team

Media Factory newsletter September 2009

Hi all friends of Media Factory,

We hope that you have had a wonderful summertime with a possibility to relax and reload your batteries. This will certainly help you cope with anything that the autumn season will bring.

Seminar: Aalto Media Factory: Networking through Disciplinary Boundaries

We at Media Factory want to invite you to our network seminar on the 1st of October at HSE Chydenia PWC G111 and G112 starting at 1 p.m. and going on until 3.30 p.m. We have invited Martha Russell, associate director at Media-X at Stanford University to talk about their partnership and research programs. The aim is to open up the discussion between you in the audience, invited Advisory Board members and us working with Media Factory on a daily basis. Please register through the following link:

The program is as follows:

Chair: Prof. Marko Turpeinen, HIIT

13.00 Welcome
13.05 Prof. Johanna Moisander (HSE): Media Factory’s strategy and models for a partnership program
13.25 Comments from Media Factory Advisory Board
13.30 Dr. Martha Russell (Associate Director, Media X at Stanford University): Research and partnership programs in Media X
14.10 Comments and questions
14.20 Break
14.35 Prof. Maija Töyry (TaiK): Research tracks and research networking in Media Factory
15.05 Comments from Media Factory Advisory Board
15.10 – 15.30 General conversation and conclusions

Researchers’ forum workshop: ”Public Space Contested. New Media Technologies, Art and Society”

Time: 12th of November, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Place: Helsinki School of Economics

Our second seminar is Researchers’ network forum coordinated by DA Mika Elo. The number of participants is limited to 35. Further details will be provided in our next newsletter and our website on the 15th of October. Please mark this seminar in your calendar.

Median Murros course enrolment

The bachelor’s level course Median murros (Media in transition) begins on the 1st of October. Enrolment for the course ends on the 21st of September. The course is a multidisciplinary pilot course that is open to all Aalto Bachelor’s level students. It is part of the studies at the School of Visual Culture at TaiK, but organized by Media Factory. More information (in Finnish) can be found at

Workshop for Aalto media educators

A workshop will be organized in December for the Media Factory educators’ network, i.e. all those interested in educational matters relating to media and communication. More information will follow.

The Media Factory education steering group has been inaugurated and its members elected. It will hold its first meeting at the end of September. The main task of the steering group is to plan and decide on Media Factory’s educational activities.

Media Factory’s video production equipment to be loaned

Media Factory has two high-quality but lightweight video production sets for HDV video production and editing. They are available for various small-scale audiovisual productions within Aalto University, for purposes related to research, education and communications.

The equipment is lent only for work-related purposes and normally only to staff members. The loan period depends on the purpose and is no more than about two weeks.

The sets consist of:
– Sony HVR-Z7E camera with microphone
– Sachtler DV 2 II tripod
– Sachtler 300HSM lightset (three lamps with tripods and accessories)
– Apple Macbook Pro computer with Final Cut Studio and Adobe Master Collection software suites.

The equipment can be lent either as one package or in parts (eg. either the camera or the editing gear). If you belong to Aalto University’s staff, you have a chance to get access to this equipment by contacting Media Factory and presenting the purpose you need it for.

Contact person:
Laboratory Coordinator
Markku Nousiainen
email: markku.nousiainen{ät}, tel: 050-5692545

If you want to contribute or inform anything to the Media Factory network please contact maria.suokannas{ät} The deadline for the following newsletter is on the 8th of October. And don’t forget to visit our website

On behalf of the Media Factory Project Team
Maria Suokannas

Summer greetings from Media Factory

Hi there!

There has been a break in the information flow on this list, since our communication has mainly been arranged through our webpages: Please note that the webpage will be our main media in the future.

As you maybe already know education coordinator Mikko Villi, laboratory coordinator Markku Nousiainen, project leader Maria Suokannas and webmaster & designer Anna Berg started to work with the Media Factory project in March. We started by furnishing our working space in the department of Media laboratory on the 3rd floor at Taik. Luckily enough we had some wonderful furniture so we are really pleased. But our work has not only been about furnishing ;-): In co-operation with different actors with the common denominator media at the three schools we have been able to find appropriate ways of implementing the strategy set up by the Media Factory Board.

Here are some important milestones from this spring:

– The networking event on the 26th of February gathered about 200 media educators, researchers and actors within the media industry (see more here)
– Media Factory Researchers’ Forum had its first workshop meeting on 23.4.2009. In the workshop professor Reijo Miettinen from University of Helsinki gave a presentation titled “Distribution innovation and the challenge of multi/transdisciplinarity” and the participants discussed this subject vividly (see more here)
– A workshop for media educators within the three schools was arranged on the 13th of May
– The first members of our Advisory Board joined Media Factory. Our Advisory board acts as an interface towards Finnish media industry and international academic world. Current members are: Pirjo Airaksinen (Senior Vice President of Programming, Nelonen), Helene Juhola (Director R&D, Federation of the Finnish Media Industry), Alex Nieminen (Managing Director, N2), Hannu Olkinuora (Editor in Chief, HBL). The recruitment of foreign members is in process.

Before we wish you an energizing summer break we recommendt you to put the following events in your calendar:

– At the end of August Media Factory’s “renovated” webpage will be launched
– 2.9. Media Factory office’s house warming party (Kippis/Skål/Cheers)
– 1.10. Next researchers’ network forum
– 1.10. “Median murros” BA level course starts
– The doctoral course “Research as practice” also starts in October. For further information please contact Head of research (Doing Cross Media) Merja Helle

Have a wonderful, relaxing and energizing summer time and we are really looking forward to meeting you in the autumn. Remember to bookmark 😉

On behalf of the Media Factory project team,

Maria Suokannas