Human design – discussion 23.1.2012

Lecture series HUMAN DESIGN or EVOLUTION? located at Aalto University in Helsinki January 23rd 2012.


Dr. Sam Inkinen is a well-known Finnish media scholar, lecturer, and writer.

Professor Andy Miah, PhD, is Director of the Creative Futures Research Centre & Chair of Ethics and Emerging Technologies in the Faculty of Business & Creative Industries at the University of the West of Scotland.

With acclaimed international reputation as an artist, Laura Beloff’s works can be described as peculiar wearable objects, programmed structures and participatory, networked installations.

Wearable electronics course project demos

at Muu gallery 5.12.2011. More about the course and the projects:


Performance garment
Laura Haapakangas, Timo Muurinen, Heidi Tikka

Dancer: Alpo Aaltokoski

Opodiphthera Incognita
Matti Niinimäki, Emmi Pouta

Forrest Oliphant, Liisa Pesonen, Hannele Romppanen

Dancers: Minja Mertanen, Helena Romppanen

Sound Gloves
Carmen Brecheis, Minna Holkkola, Chi-Hsia Lai

Soft Step Sequencer
Andy Best

Metti Nordin, Valtteri Wikström