Co-Designing Media Factory


During the past year we have been busy establishing our premises and currently we are finishing the building of Aalto Fablab. But at the same time we also want to look into the future and develop Aalto Media Factory (AMF) to the next level beyond what we are already. For this purpose we decided to ask our stakeholders how we could serve them better. To get answers to this question, we put up an open questionnaire and organized two co-design workshops for Aalto personnel.

For the questionnaire, we received total of 62 answers, of which 38 were from Aalto employees, 19 from Aalto students and 5 from outside organizations. The results are reviewed in detail in this pdf document.

In the co-design workshops organized by Dr. Mariana Salgado, the participants were asked to developed new projects utilizing AMF facilities. Some participants came with ready ideas in their minds and got good insight on how to develop the ideas further and frame them in a wider context. Others were inspired to collaborate in the development of these ideas. Through this task, we received good and concrete ideas for new AMF projects:

* Courses as a way to open calls to external partners
* Network of Aalto people that will discuss the health business issues
* A “guru” service for consulting students and staff on various issues
* Cross-disciplinary experimentation on audio textiles


The workshop participants were also asked to develop a roadmap for the Aalto Media Factory strategy. The strategies discussed were not necessary overall strategies but important goals. The participants understood the challenge of AMF and set goals that were in accordance with our overall strategy. The mentioned goals were:

* Visibility in the national/international public media
* Visibility within the Aalto University
* Role as a project incubator
* Boosting cross-disciplinary experimentation
* Making things happen – giving uncomplicated means to Aalto people to collaborate)

Processing the workshop results got us to think about the way we could foster external partnerships, how we could facilitate networks and better brand our expertise as services. The issue, that AMF is still not very well known even inside the Aalto community was also recognized and this lead us to ponder our identity and communications. These topics and issues are still under our consideration and the strategy to address them will be formed in the near future.

The feedback from the workshops was quite positive: The attendees said that it was interesting and they also valued the networking discussions with their colleagues. The participants suggested that these workshops should be also organized in the future, and that companies could be also invited. According to these suggestions and the fact that we also found the workshops fruitful, we plan to organize a series of workshops during late summer or early autumn 2012, this time including company representatives in the discussion.

Thanks to all participants!

Aalto Media Factory staff

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