Computational Photography in Pixelache 2011

Pixelache Helsinki 2011 Festival took place 10-13 March. One of the key themes of the festival was computational photography, organised as collaboration between Aalto Media Factory and the Pixelache crew.

The Aalto University course ‘Experimental Project in Computational Photography’ brought together students with multi-disciplinary backgrounds from media design, technology and visual arts to think from the scratch what computational photography is, or could be. The resulting eight course works were presented in the ‘Encoded Views’ exhibition as part of the Camp Pixelache event in Galleria Augusta, Suomenlinna.

More on the course blog:​

The ‘Return of the Unexpected – Computational Photography’ exhibition in Muu Gallery featured four artistic approaches to the topic of computational photography, each of them challenging either existing or arising photographic conventions in its own way.

About the Muu gallery exhibition:​helsinki/​festival-2011/​programme/​computational-photography/​exhibition/​

Read more about computational photography as an artistic approach:​?p=884

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