E-reading Demo Day

Welcome to E-reading Demo Day event on 1.9.2010 at 9.30-16-00. The programme of the day consists of demonstrations of the devices and their various purposes of use, softwares, user tests etc.

The event is open to all and you are welcome to spread the word. To enroll for the Demo Day, or part of it, send e-mail to merja.helle (at) aalto.fi / Merja Helle, tel. 050 4485 111.

Different e-reading devices and media experience testing equipment are on display between 9–16. The language of the Demo Day is mostly Finnish.

Arranged by Aalto University and Media Factory at Aalto University School of Art and Design, Hämeentie 135 C, Media lab (3rd floor).

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9.00–10.00 Coffee

9.30–10.00 Short history of nearly everything: Where did the Kindle come from and where is the new tablet platform going to? Introduction to e-reading. Harri Heikkilä

10.00–10.30 Testing e-reading devices and preferences. Jan Kallenbach (You can participate in the test experiments all day)

10.30–11.00 ePub – Properties, devices, & future outlook. Jarkko Sihvonen

11.00–11.30 E-book bootcamp: InDesign based workflow of a linear ePub. Harri Heikkilä.

11.30–13.00 Sandwiches and discussions. Demos of different e-reading devices, eBook readers, tablets, computers, mobile phones. Try them out yourself.

13.00–13.30 Interactivity, personalization and social sharing in digital reading. Merja Helle.

13.30–14.00 Best practices – content, navigation, enhanced e-books, magazines, advertising etc. Merja Helle and Harri Heikkilä.

14.00–14.30 Coffee and general discussion & wrap up.

14.30–16.00 Display of devices.

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