Finnish-Russian Mobility Pilot


For all the students of Aalto University this is a great opportunity to get to know Russia. A grant will be given for the studies.
The Russia Pilot Programme (officially the Pilot Initiative to Enhance Student Mobility between Finland and Russia) supports student mobility between higher education institutions (HEIs) in Finland and Russia. The programme is an experiment based on negotiations between the Ministries of Education of Finland and Russia. The goals of the programme are to:

  • increase the mobility of students between Finland and Russia;
  • contribute to enhanced cooperation between higher education institutions in both countries;
  • add new dimensions to existing cooperation, especially the FIRST programme and bilateral cooperation at the institutional level;
  • create new higher education partnerships;
  • widen the geographical coverage of Finnish/Russian student mobility cooperation.

Who can apply

Student exchanges from Finland to Russia are intended for Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral students enrolled in a partner institution. Student grants are only available for full-time study or practical training which is part of the partner institutions’ working life co-operation. Students can also undertake exchanges without a student grant.

Students enrolled in a Finnish pilot programme network institution are eligible to participate irrespective of nationality. However, students who have Russian citizenship/background must have conducted their comprehensive school and/or general upper secondary education in Finland. Exchange students are selected by the sending institution.

Hosting institutions have the right to confirm the final selection. Hosting institutions shall help incoming students with finding student accommodation. The amount of a student’s grant is set by the higher education institution. The scholarship may consist of a Pilot programme grant awarded by CIMO and of a discretionary allowance granted by the higher education institution.

Application form

Please click here to apply the grant.

Russian partners

The students can choose from the following six universities where to go.

For further information: Hanna Karkku (