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Departments offering study programs in media

Aalto University School of Art and Design

At the Aalto University School of Art and Design subjects related to media and communication can be studied in the Department of Media, the Department of Motion Picture, Television and Production Design, and the Department of Art and Media Pori.

The Department of Motion Picture, Television and Production Design educates visionary artists and operators to meet the future needs of the film production and audiovisual industry. The areas of specialisation are defined according to specific occupations in the film industry, which are highly specialised in order to cooperate most efficiently in planning and creating films.

The Media Lab in the Department of Media is a unit dedicated to Digital Design and Digital Media. The Media Lab’s mission is to explore, discover and comprehend new digital technology and its impact in society, and to understand and deal with the challenges it poses to design and creative production. The lab offers multidisciplinary MA and DA-level education and is one of the most international units within Aalto University. The Department of Media also trains multidisciplinary graphic design professionals. The teaching areas cover all forms of graphic communications media and distribution channels. Photography is the third educational unit within the Department of Media, where the studies underscore photography as an independent means of expression and the development of conceptual and research-related thinking. Closely related to the production requirements of the department is the Print Lab, a specialist lab designed to assist in the production of high quality photographic and graphic prints for students and media projects within the School.

The fields of focus in the Department of Art and Media in Pori are research and tuition in visual culture and media, connected to producing art, media and culture. The department collaborates in Pori with several regional, national and international communities and actors in the field of visual culture and media production.

Aalto University School of Science

At the Aalto University School of Science media and communication studies are represented foremost by the Department of Media Technology. The field of activity in the department is digital media in all of its forms: as a publishing platform, as well as an interactive environment. The goal is to promote the complex technical, content-related, and psychological skills required in building the current media systems and products.

Aalto University School of Electrical Engineering

The Department of Communications and Networking at the School of Electrical Engineering is a multi-disciplinary unit covering communications and networking technology, networking business and human aspects of communication and communications technology. The department develops communications, information and teletraffic theory and conducts fundamental and applied experimental research in communications and networking technology. Other areas connected to media and communication can be found at the Department of Signal Processing and Acoustics, which focuses on research and education in the fields of digital signal processing and digital circuit technology, acoustics, audio and speech processing, measurement and optical technology.

Aalto University School of Economics

At the Aalto School of Economics media studies are represented by the Department of Languages and Communication, where the goal is to produce effective communicators for a global multicultural business environment, and the Department of Marketing, where the students are equipped with in-depth business knowledge and professional skills that help them to excel in demanding positions as marketing executives and managers in different branches of business.

Mobility studies in media

Aalto students have a possibility to apply for a study right at another Aalto School through internal mobility. Application period for internal mobility courses is twice a year: In April for courses taught during the next academic year and in October for courses taught in next spring term. Information about the mobility courses can be found in the Into-portal.

Aalto courses are courses that are open to all Aalto University students. Students do not need to apply for study right in order to participate in these courses. Information about the courses is distributed via WebOodi. Media Factory’s own “Median Murros” course is an example of an Aalto course.

Minor programs in media:

Aikakauslehtijournalismin sivuainekokonaisuus 25 cr
Visuaalisen journalismin sivuainekokonaisuus 25 cr
Media Lab Helsinki minor subjects