Forced Landing: Into the Unkown

Exhibition 7.9.2015 – 11.9.2015
Keynote & Workshop 7.9.2015 & 8.9.2015, Media Factory Auditorium, 10 am – 1 pm

‘Forced Landing: Into the Unknown’ are snapshots of possible futures shaped by technology, narrated through speculative design. We present scenarios that aim to ask seemingly-odd, yet increasingly plausible questions we may need to address in response to rapidly advancing fields of space travel, sperm/egg donations, and DIY biology: What would it be like to start farming in Mars? Could increasing accessibility of fertility technologies spawn unexpected, incestuous relationships? And how could amateur biologists find cure for cancer?

Accompanying the first two days of the show will be keynote presentations by Raph Kim, who will talk about backgrounds and motivations behind the projects. This will be followed by a hands-on workshop, exploring the notion of ‘farming’ in relation to advances in biotechnology: How is the definition of farming changing, and how could the tools of biotech be utilized as medium for art practice and design?

The team behind the exhibition and workshop: Jae Yeop Kim and Raph Kim, Studio Genotype

Forced Landing: Into the Unkown is part of the Helsinki Design Week programme.