Evolution of Monetization: A Games Now! panel

Money, Money, Money, monetization has been The hot topic of the games industry and culture during past five-ish years. Free-to-play, freemium, premium, free, episodic sales, DLC and whatnot, the question is “how to maximize the profit?” Or is it? Free-to-play has made it possible to have new kind of games, finding new audiences and getting new visibility for the culture.

At the same time golden old business models are dying… or not – depending on whom you ask. We live a time of probably the biggest transition in the history of digital gaming.

Once again, our speakers represent the variety of games monetization models. Not only free-to-play evangelistas, but also premium games and maybe a bit of board games, too. We surely are going to have an interesting discussion.

And the speakers of 2014 Games Now! Evolution of Monetization panel are:

Collin Foss
In 2009 Collin joined Digital Chocolate and shortly after became a Product Manager working with some of the brightest in the F2P industry. He now works with a fantastic group of veterans at Grand Cru where he is contributing his experiences in balancing Supernauts’ in-game economy, analytics, and monetization.

Alpo Oksaharju
Theory Interactive was formed in the summer of 2011 to facilitate the development of the single player first person puzzle game Reset. Alpo’s playground in the project is the field of writing, art and game design.

Touko Tahkokallio
In 2009, Touko Tahkokallio made a bold choice and quit one of his life passions working as a theoretical physicist and switched from science to his other passion: making games. Touko is a game designer who has worked with both tabletop and digital designs. He has more than 10 published board games and his most acclaimed one is Eclipse – an epic space civilization building strategy game.

On the digital side, Touko has been working at Supercell from late 2011. At Supercell, he has worked as a game designer in the teams that built Hay Day and Boom Beach (Boom Beach is Supercell’s newest game, currently in Beta testing).

I would call that truly Games Now!

17.2.2014 15.00-17.00
Design Factory, The Stage (Otaniemi)

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