Game Jams and Hobbyists

Finnish game industry has strong roots in demoscene. You know, people making non-interactive pieces of real-time, audiovisual art. Demoscene still exists, but it may not be the main recruiting channel for game industry anymore.

Now creative and productive people are focusing on games. Weekend-long game jams have been around for many years. But it was Global Game Jam in 2008 that started the boom. Now there are thousands of games made in hundreds of places all around the world in a single January weekend when the Global Game Jam happens. Game Jams are definitely Games and Now!

For our third session, a man who knows everything about game jams: Gorm Lai.

Gorm Lai is an experienced game developer and programmer, and has worked on games of almost any genre and platform; from casual set top boxes over AAA and mobile to indie classics like LIMBO. He has set up his game studio, Kotori Studios in London. He is a rapid prototyping fanatic, and has co-founded both the Nordic Game & Global Game Jams.

25.11.2013 15.00-17.00
Game Jams and Hobbyists – Gorm Lai
Design Factory, The Stage (Otaniemi)

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