Physical Deception, Wobbly Interfaces and Mind Reading Birds

As the last session of the Games Now! series we step into the world of magic. There certainly is a strange connection between making games and performing magic. For some reason many game designers and developers have a history in magic – as a hobby or sometimes as a profession, too. And, games are kind of magic too: they deliver us visions and experiences no other media can offer us. Object can vanish or appear right before our eyes. Locations can change in the blink of an eye.

But here is what Stuart Nolan is going to tell us:

Theatrical conjuring is one of the oldest playforms with its secret techniques for communication, deception, psychological control, and the manipulation of story. In this talk, Research Magician Stuart Nolan will demonstrate how he teaches principles of physical and psychological deception to game designers and sport coaches. He will also show the mindreading robot birds and Resonance Based Interfaces he developed as Magician in Residence at Pervasive Media Studio.

And here is something about who he is:

Stuart Nolan is a Research Magician with a background in cell biology, interactive media, experience design, game programming, technology development, academic research, and playful & performative facilitation. He works with traditional sleight-of-hand conjuring, psychological illusion, memory feats, performance poetry, sideshow tradition, storytelling, and bespoke technology. He is currently developing Ideomotor Effect techniques for performance, play and interaction.

Stuart was recently Magician in Residence at Pervasive Media Studio and The University of Bristol Computer Science Department where he developed prototype friendly mindreading robots . IdeoBird and OuijaBird were recently featured on the BBC Click Christmas Special and The Guardian.

A former NESTA Fellow in Applied Magic he is credited with bringing the study of deception out of the lab and into the everyday world by combining traditional disciplines of deception with original research into how we are deceived by language and physical gesture. He recently deceived over 700 organisations just to prove a point .

Stuart spent the summer of 2012 performing in a travelling Boxing Booth throughout the fairs and country shows of the North of England and exhibiting The Strange Thing. He is a co-editor of the Journal of Performance Magic.

Time: 28.4. 2014 15.00-17.00
Place: Design Factory, The Stage (Otaniemi)
Video stream (when available):

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